Friday, January 19, 2007

"Worship me bitch"

That's what my cat Mikey would probably say if he could speak. Luckily he can't, so I continue to love him. A strange habit of most cats is to sleep under the blanket on the owners bed. Not much oxygen under there but the warmth makes it appealing. I lifted back the covers with a 5 pixel point and shoot in hand (not even white balanced) the result.


Anyway, speaking of worship. My top 10 favorite photographers whos' work, stops me dead in my tracks, should be known. Here is the list in alphabetical order:

~Lisa Boyle
~James Graham
~Markus Klinko
~David LaChapelle
~Lithium Picnic
~Farley Magalia
~Helmut Newton
~Derek Rigers
~Chris Thomson

The shoot for tonight is back on!!!!! YAY!!!! Nipples!!!


James M Graham said...

Your pussy is cute.

Wow! I'm in good company!


rentell said...

Back to school huh !

Now behave yourself when your there and do not cheek the tutors and sit up straight and pay attention.
And do not forget your packed lunch and a clean hanky.

And I am truly upset as my name is NOT amongst your favourite snappers, boo hoo !

Seriously, I hope all goes well for you at ICP, how I envy you.

Mikey looks just like a typical happy moggy ........... if I do come back around I would not mind coming back as a pampered pussy :-)

Cheers RR