Wednesday, October 24, 2012

she just likes to fight...

Sometimes life, you baffle me.

I don't know why things turn out the way they do. When things happen that change the direction of your destiny, you can't help but reflect on the meaning. People come into your life whilst others leave. Each person leaves behind something poignant. A nugget of truth. A lesson learned. A re-ignition.

I've had all of that and then some. I've yet to sort out the details, but that's what rainy days and weed are for...

My long lost sister (not blood, but that changes nothing) found me. I'm so happy she is doing well. She has traveled a road of razor sharp shards to be where she is, and she has found the easier path. I'm elated.

My health has improved vastly.

Went to Vegas. Changed my fucking life. Had an epiphany. Re-ignited.

I'm set to kick start my photography into high gear in a couple of more weeks. For now though, the work comes with labor as I'm healing from an October 5th surgery.

To help me along there's the annual photo expo here in NYC. It usually falls on my husbands birthday, so I've only been once over the past few years. But this year, it's a stand alone weekend that only coincides with football. I (of course) will be choosing Football on Sunday, but I digress. I have paid for ten "portfolio reviews" with industry insiders of my choosing. I've chosen all art people. Ten portfolio reviews over a three day period from people who own galleries, art magazines and the like.  I'm set to hear whatever they dish out! Secretly, I'm hoping it won't be too painful. But truth be told- I do love getting critiqued, it's always a huge learning experience.

And then theres the New York City gallery owner/partner that genuinely likes my work.

I was floored when he said my work is "fascinating". I had my first studio visit with him and his entourage (which is typical for artists of other mediums, i.e. painters). It went really well, and I loved every person he brought with him. Especially his tiny, adorable, spoiled dog named Mookie. I have a follow up meeting with said gallerist. Today in fact. He wants to see a much bigger selection of my work. This has forced me to face the body of work in it's entirety. And you know what I've concluded?

I have a lot of shit that I still need to shoot! These ideas have been ruminating. Festering even... and it's all crammed up inside of me, constipating my psyche.

Blame the gallerist, but I care again.

hugs and kisses...xo

*the above photo is what happens when you leave the room