Tuesday, May 25, 2010

weenus part deux...

*the above pic is my male head Devon, showing off his goods!

Sunday, May 23, 2010



*the above pic is my Realdoll 2 man meat, with a head I named Devon (thanks to Kedra!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A spark!

My male doll is sorely ignored.

I don't know... he didn't posses the "muse spark" that other dolls have had before him. At the request of somebody I know, I bought an auburn wig and added a spray of freckles to the factory face, "Nate". And suddenly...


A twink, caused a spark!

*the above pic is a Realdoll2 Nate face on a body B. He is so cute!

Monday, May 17, 2010

after... the laughter

It's no secret I love dolls.

So to bring the smile back to my face I actually purchased a life size doll just for the fuck of it. You've seen her here before. I have no affiliation with the doll company, so you won't be seeing my photos on their website (besides the owners son is a professional photographer). She is a "Lillith" doll, from www.Ruby13.net and I bought her in January while my world was crumbling around me. Retail therapy helps, and anybody who says otherwise is an asshole. So I bought the doll and she is my number two favorite.

her name is Heather, ya' know...

In case you were wondering who my favorite is, my "top doll"... her name is Kristin (named after somebody very special to me) and she is a Realdoll 2.


Oh, and her boobs. I love her boobs too.


and then came the heartbreak...

I can't keep every relationship stable! I try, but if I am taken advantage of and I feel used- I get... how do you say it?


Unfortunately, the manufacturer of a specific doll company and I are done for. It ended in an ugly way, I might add. They have done me WRONG several times since the induction of their own company. But in true Stacy fashion, I don't care about the loss of people I thought were friends. I did all I can to help them with beautiful photos of their dolls, and in the end they treated me like the enemy when I wasn't. I suppose when you have a lot of foes such as the doll manufacturer did, you tend to always act in defense... but sometimes, you attack the wrong people. I love dolls, but I refuse to deal with the manufacturer anymore. I would have given them photos until the end of time, but they treated me like shit. They took, and took, and took, and took, and took.....

and took and took....

and I let them.

Anyway, these are the only two photos ever taken of the doll by me. What upsets me most, is I have always wanted a hot Black doll. It's been my "doll photographers dream" for a very long time. And here she is, unable to be seen through my eyes (other than these two pictures) because the company doesn't deserve anything more from me. They have extracted all I have to give, including my $3800 that they have yet to refund!

rotten apples!

Anywhoo here are the doll pics, sad I know. Because she is a good looking doll. Oh well, sometimes life has sad outcomes. This is one of them.

*one of the above dolls causes painful memories for me. The other is less realistic, but super pretty. Bah fucking humbug. Why must some people suck so badly?

The above two photos may not be used or reproduced IN ANY WAY, shape or form. All copyrights are sole property of me, Stacy Leigh.

And yeah, Realdolls ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Creme De La Mer...

You're Vaseline.

...said Abyss to Knighthorse!

I really dislike unethical people, but this time Karma was watching. Thank you Karma, I owe you one.

*the above pics are of pornstar Alektra if she were a life sized fuck doll. Wait, there's a bad pun in there somewhere!