Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gay Bob...

It all began with a Barbie doll. I loved them. Perhaps it was because I was an only child or maybe it was a more mundane reason...I'll never really know for sure, but I will try my best to explain how Realdolls and I- came to be.

It was a Barbie or maybe a Skipper (Barbie's tiny breasted little sister), either way I was in love. For me Barbie dolls were therapy in a cute little 11 1/2" replica of a human, and I could come up with exciting stories to occupy my mind for hours whilst my parents went through a tumultuous divorce.

Years later at about the age of six while living in California (Hollywood to be exact), my mother recieved a gag gift at work that would forever change my life...

His name was Gay Bob.

Gay Bob was a 12" inch doll with *gasp* a little plastic cock. Oh, he had a purse and an earing too...but I was MUCH more interested in his tiny little doll dick. Needless to say my mother showed all of her friends and they got their laughs from Bobs little plastic protruberance...but eventually my mother would grow tired of Bob and hand him over to me, box, cock and all.

I loved Bob.

His was the first penis I ever saw in my life.

Years passed by and Gay Bob had long ago fallen apart and been thrown away, but his memory remained. My quest for anotomocally correct dolls was peaked by the memory of Bob. So I bought a Billy doll (Also gay...I am noticing a theme here) and his Latino lover Carlos. Both equipt with little doll dicks, although Carlos' is uncircumcised. I collected all dolls with genitals or nipples...I still have them come to think of it. I eventually stumbled upon an unopened Gay Bob, circa 1977, in a store called 'Love Saves the Day' where I purchased him for $270 (that was about ten years ago) and I still have him too.

But at about the same time I stumbled upon Bob in that store, I saw a segment on an HBO show called 'Real Sex'. The segment was about these lifesized dolls made of high grade silicone that happened to be fully functional guessed it-

Anotomocally correct!

These were the ultimate in dolls and I had to have one, I was smitten to say the least. I went on the internet and stumbled across the website for these silicone works of art. ( At the time they only had two models: Stacy and Leah. I could not believe it!!! My name is Stacy Leigh...surely this was meant to be! Anyway on the Realdoll website was a link for a now defunct website where owners of these beautiful dolls shared stories and photos of their silicone lovers. I was intrigued and needed to know more....

Years would go by- hell a decade to be exact, before I could ever afford a doll. But all the while I followed these creations secretly yearning for one, and the rest is history....

You are probably asking, "But Stacy are you attracted to the dolls?"

and I would probably anwser....

"You betcha!"

The photo is one of two new doll faces, I decided to name this face Tanya Samson.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boobs Schmoobs.....

My schedeuled shoot last weekend was to be partially shot outdoors...

As I suspected the plan was foiled by Muffy and her faux friends Warner and Babs....There was a Park Avenue princess party in the glass room on the roof of my building, so I couldn't possibly be up there shooting a model with HUGE boobs and silver star nipple pasties...or could I?

Nah, so we shot some stuff indoors. poo.

I really wanted to shoot my roof idea, I am severely limited by the redundancy of my apartment, where I currently have done EVERY FUCKING SHOOT. I am bored with my space and I want us (my husband and I) to buy a loft. I have come up with some amazing ideas for future shoots but I really need more space to execute them. Maybe my husbands comfort level will rise, and we will buy a loft sooner rather then later. In the meantime, I'll keep perusing the New York Times Real Estate section (online of course) in hopes that I find an offer he can't refuse...I'll have to come up with some type of a pitch with charts and finacial breakdowns, because my husband is a hard sell- so much so, that his is nick name at work is "The Reaper".

Well, enough of my pipe dreams- I have good news. I have just recieved in the post, two new faces for my Realdolls, which is fantastic for the book...I am so much closer to getting my shit together to hit the publisher I have in mind. I have been shooting my ass off and it's all for the book.

the book
the book
the book

The above photo is dedicated to B.T.Charles, because he gets it....and I like him because he gets dolls that is.