Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The above photo is an art model; brilliant and brave, Tia. Who looks to be won over by Jaime "the RealDoll" Anderson. I don't think Tia likes these photos very much....

but I do.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


...is French for doll- or loosely "love doll".

Yesterday my husband and I discussed a trip to Paris and Monaco in September (my birthday). While in Monaco though, my husband will be attending a horribly dull insurance thingie. Just so you guys know- my husband works for a private hedge fund as an investor. He specializes in financial institutions. Anywhoo he will be very busy and almost totally unavailable while in Monte Carlo. Which is fine with me, because I'll have my camera and a credit card. Besides, we will be staying at the hotel that was in "Oceans 13" starring the delicious George Clooney...

mmm.....George Clooney. Who my husband bears a resemblance to. In fact my husband looks like the love child of Steve Carell and George Clooney. Think about that for a second. He's fucking hot- my husband.

mmm....my husband.

Whoops!! Back to the French.
I am excited to go back to Monte Carlo with my camera. Monte Carlo is where Helmut Newton lived, and loved life. Mr. Newton is of king like status to me. Hell, I would go as far as saying Helmut Newton has a Godlike status, but I am sure you would all think I'm nuts!!! Well, not only was Helmut a fucking photographic genius- he absolutely adored poupees (dolls), but best of all...

...he LOVED RealDolls™!!!!!

I find this uncanny, because I was recently contacted by a lovely woman named Sandra. It turns out Sandra is from a new French magazine called "Park". Somehow, they stumbled across the Realdoll website. Enjoyed my photos, and decided to run a story on my art (I told you I love the French). They're so open minded and have such a zest for the arts...even mine!! I am beyond flattered!!! I am aware that magazines can drop a story at anytime, as evidenced by "Playboy" magazine (which has been sitting on my stuff for a little over a year). But because "Park" magazine is from Paris, I think they will actually run the story.

Cross your fingers for me. After what I am now referring to as, "Amy-Gate '08" (the Amy incident, I sort of blogged about a couple of weeks ago) I need the happy news!!!

Oh, and Happy Fathers Day! Just in case any dads happen to read this shit....

*the above photo is my RealDoll™ Ashley Anderson (face 16, body 7).

Fuck Amy.

Friday, June 13, 2008


...mine are fancy!!!

Since I have lived down here, in what might as well be New Jersey. I have seen: Terry Richardson doing a photo-shoot, some random fashion shoot right in front of my apartment and last evening they shot this commercial outside of my building. I must admit- I was a TriBeca hater. I had to be dragged here by the husband kicking and screaming. I never wanted to live down here. Especially since my husband lived less then ten blocks from here with his first wife- it pissed me off.


I decided to tough it out in a loft in TriBeca for the next 18 months, in Manhattans version of "the sticks". Alright, so I am admitting right here and now I was wrong.

TriBeca rocks the biggest balls of them all....

but don't tell my husband I said that.

*the above photos are of Josh, and the crew.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


...can suck my proverbial dick.

*the above photos are not of Amy, they are of Daniela Victoria.