Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm better, but worse...

     I feel better.

     I need to post photos I have shot and not shared anywhere. Where else could I possibly post this shit? 

     What if I told you, that I don't care anymore.

     I don't care if I get my work in a gallery. I don't care if magazines publish my work. I don't care about getting my work in a coffee table book by Taschen. I don't, I just don't care anymore. I'll do what I do, because it makes me happy. I will shoot for Realdoll... but beyond that, I don't care. And honestly, why should I?
     It still echos in my head today... Years ago my friend Chip Willis told me that my work isn't for everybody. He said it's for one in ten, not ten out of ten. I finally think he's right. I am so sick of flogging a dead horse. My arms are tired. I give up.

     I don't care anymore.

hugs and kisses,

ladies who lunch, wasting time

* the above photos are of two wonderful dolls called Sybarites. you can buy your own at