Friday, July 24, 2009

Master Critique...

...with Mary Ellen Mark.

Two days at her studio in SoHo, an 8 minute walk from my house that will be spent building up my nerves. It's tomorrow, and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. I'm seriously shitting pills. I wonder how she'll react to my work. I wonder how many other people are attending. I wonder if I'll leave disenfranchised or empowered.

Whatever the outcome, I'm sure I will get my money's worth.

*the above photos were taken on my puny 4 day trip to London. The cool effect in the first photo is NOT photoshop, it is the sun breaking through the clouds. It was a beautiful act of nature... I was just lucky enough to be there and photograph it. Anyway, I can assure you that 4 days in England is not NEARLY enough time. I owe my friend Everhard a lunch, a hug, and deep apologies. I am looking forward to a longer visit where I can see the countryside... I loved London.

I mean I REALLY loved London.

: )

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Butter Crunch Cookies....

...on a caviar budget.

Four days in London. Tokyo in August. Male doll soon. Old friends. Energy drinks.

Life is fucking sweet sometimes.

*the above photo is Kess.

*the below photo is butter crunch cookies that were sold for less than a $1 when I was in high school. If you grew up in the city, you know all about these little three packs of happyness! (the cookie photo was NOT shot by me, I lifted it off of the web... sorry!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fantom Magazine...

Massimo Torrigianni, Thank you my friend!

I am very excited about Fantom Magazine. Over the past couple of years I have had my work published in several magazines- some gave me photo credit, some did not. To date my favorite was a a magazine named Lifelounge (my first and only cover thus far), then came Park Magazine from France, a beautiful magazine that did a story on my doll photography. There were other magazines that had my photos grace their pages like Jolie, Penthouse, Bizarre, MissBehave (they used my photos without permission and they didn't give me photo credits. I won't even mention that they never answered my subsequent email either!!!). But to me Fantom is a step above because it is all about Art.

And without Art, I would surely die

I am a member of MOMA, I go to gallery's for fun, I am a budding art collector (most recently with Sas Christian in my cross-hairs) and most important of all, I am an artist. It goes beyond my photography, but photography is my true love. So when I was contacted by Mr. Torrigianni to contribute to Fantom Magazine, I was flattered and excited all at once. I am glad the magazine came to fruition, as I am always worried about these things falling through- especially after I was disappointed by HBO.

You've gotta' manage expectations when you are a photographer! Shit falls through a' plenty!

Anyway, Fantom Magazine made it's debut at Milan Fashion Week, and did so with a wonderful reception!!! It is now doing the same here in New York City and New York Times coveted "T" magazine had something to say about it...

For the magazine this is fantastic. For me it's really great too except "T" misspelled my name. That is so very stacy leigh... get a mention in "T", but they misspell my damn name! I look forward to seeing the issue in my hands. From what I remember it is a hard cover limited edition quarterly, and I am sure it is gorgeous.

Bravo Fantom!!

*the top photo is my 4Woods Doll, Nikki. The bottom photo is a screen capture of the "T" mention... awesome!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Tingly Dicks" and other phenomenons found in nature...

Trust me, you either know a tingly dick or you are one.

My husband has a friend that is over 30 and a single guy. He is the type of single guy that you would prefer your husband NOT spend any time with. But it is what it is, and I won't fight it. My husband likes this guy and has played golf with him a lot lately. I will have to be a nice wifey and let it be. You see my husband is a somewhat reformed tingly dick himself.

Still confuzzeled? Let me explain...

A tingly dick is a guy (or a girl for that matter) who sees an attractive person, and gets a sudden and often overwhelming "tingle" in the tip of their dick causing immediate brain damage from loss of blood to the head. For example: My husband and I were walking in the meat packing district and saw a girl wearing what would be considered a belt in most countries- as a dress. My husband, took one look at this hottie and walked into a 10 foot high pile of garbage. He LITERALLY fell into the trash! This, my friends- is the action of a bona fide tingly dick.

So his new friend happens to be a bachelor, and happens to also be a tingly dick. Needless to say I am less than thrilled about it. So what's my response to this problem...

Set him up with a friend.

Chances are nothing will come of it, but she is a fellow female tingly dick! And two tingly dicks together equal a positive... or something like that. Just look at my husband and me- it works for us!!

*the above photo is a snapshot of one of my 12" anatomically correct dolls, he is unnamed and judging from his wicked smile- he too is clearly a tingly dick...

P.S. Mihailo, Thank you for asking about my health! My heart health is now excellent! I officially had what is known as a PFO- it was medium sized, and it is now filled with a device to prevent any future strokes or heart attacks...xo