Friday, July 17, 2009

Fantom Magazine...

Massimo Torrigianni, Thank you my friend!

I am very excited about Fantom Magazine. Over the past couple of years I have had my work published in several magazines- some gave me photo credit, some did not. To date my favorite was a a magazine named Lifelounge (my first and only cover thus far), then came Park Magazine from France, a beautiful magazine that did a story on my doll photography. There were other magazines that had my photos grace their pages like Jolie, Penthouse, Bizarre, MissBehave (they used my photos without permission and they didn't give me photo credits. I won't even mention that they never answered my subsequent email either!!!). But to me Fantom is a step above because it is all about Art.

And without Art, I would surely die

I am a member of MOMA, I go to gallery's for fun, I am a budding art collector (most recently with Sas Christian in my cross-hairs) and most important of all, I am an artist. It goes beyond my photography, but photography is my true love. So when I was contacted by Mr. Torrigianni to contribute to Fantom Magazine, I was flattered and excited all at once. I am glad the magazine came to fruition, as I am always worried about these things falling through- especially after I was disappointed by HBO.

You've gotta' manage expectations when you are a photographer! Shit falls through a' plenty!

Anyway, Fantom Magazine made it's debut at Milan Fashion Week, and did so with a wonderful reception!!! It is now doing the same here in New York City and New York Times coveted "T" magazine had something to say about it...

For the magazine this is fantastic. For me it's really great too except "T" misspelled my name. That is so very stacy leigh... get a mention in "T", but they misspell my damn name! I look forward to seeing the issue in my hands. From what I remember it is a hard cover limited edition quarterly, and I am sure it is gorgeous.

Bravo Fantom!!

*the top photo is my 4Woods Doll, Nikki. The bottom photo is a screen capture of the "T" mention... awesome!


Dig, man, there goes Mack the Knife! said...

Congratulations Stacy!


I would expect nothing less from you.

Wolf189 Photography said...

Congratulations darling Stacy!