Saturday, October 27, 2007

? and !

Well, I am not suprised. Geraldo cancelled. Supposedly it was in favour of the California wildfires. I can't say I blame him.....although the cynic in me believes it's because they couldn't get an owner who has a relationship with their doll.

I really wonder?

Let me take a poll.....

Do you think it was the former or latter of the two reasons?

I vote the latter- but we've established that I am a cynical cunt.


Freak on a Leash....


I have been retreating into myself lately, shooting my two newest Realdoll faces. There's face 15, which I have named Jaime and face 16, I now call Ashley. I hate when I get stuck in a 'bout with depression....but those new doll faces sure did make it pass quickly!

So tomorrow at the crack of dawn i am to be photographed by the uber talented artist Gary Breckheimer. If you aren't familiar with his art- he photographs nudes in public. Generally wacky and always brilliant...I was FIENDING to be a subject for him! Well tomorrow is my opportunity to stand naked, in public, in New York City!!! WOOO fuckin' HOOO!!!!!!! Scary and exciting all at once.

While I was walking back from Soho last night, I got a call from Abyss (in case you have a shit memory: Abyss makes the Realdoll...duh) about the Geraldo Rivera Show on Fox News. It seems that because of the movie, 'Lars and the Real Girl' Geraldo feels the need to investigate the relationship between dolls and their owners. I am almost certain he will try to put a sensational spin on the discussion, but I am nothing like Lars. In fact- not one doll owner that I know of, actually believes their doll to be real- the men who do have relationships with their dolls would NEVER go on the Geraldo show. I don't blame them- they are constantly ridiculed. It's live, I'm a little worried about the outcome- but....


I'm doing it. Not for self promotion, but because I genuinely adore dolls!

Always have, always will.

The above photo is the stunning Nerlande and her fabulous nipple, check out her blog- the link is to the right. The title is a song from Korn.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Quoted by the Associated Press......

'LARS' movie shines light on RealDolls

By SANDY COHEN, AP Entertainment Writer
Thu Oct 18, 8:02 AM ET

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - A dozen headless female bodies hang from industrial metal hooks in the center of the room. To the left are a table of plastic faces, awaiting makeup. To the right, a stack of silicone molds ready for the next order of life-sized love toys.

Normally reserved for private play, these high-end, anatomically correct dolls are getting big-screen exposure with the recent release of "Lars and the Real Girl," an offbeat, surprisingly chaste comedy about a lonely introvert (Ryan Gosling) and Bianca, the silicone object of his affection.

Bianca, a freckle-nosed brunette, was born just east of San Diego at Abyss Creations. The 11-year-old company that makes RealDolls will ship 400 dolls to the U.S. and abroad this year — at upward of $6,500 each.

RealDolls can be actresses, lovers, photo subjects or companions. Customers can choose from 10 body types, 16 faces and 17 hairstyles to create their dream girl. They specify skin tone, hair and eye color, makeup palette and nail-polish shade. The dolls have interchangeable faces ($500 each), so with the pull of some Velcro and the flip of a wig, she's like a whole new gal.

They're made from soft silicone that takes two days to cure to a somewhat flesh-like feel. With jointed skeletons they're entirely poseable — "They move in the same places people move," company spokeswoman Bronwen Keller says — but they can't stand up on their own. They range in height from 4'10" to 5'7" and weigh 75 to 115 pounds. There is also a male doll, "Charlie," who stands 5'8" and weighs 130 pounds.

The artists who spend about 80 hours crafting each doll all started out in the Halloween industry, says creative director and chief executive officer Matt Krivicke, 36. Before working with RealDoll, he made Halloween masks. (O.J. Simpson was his most popular.)

For many doll owners, and for Gosling's character in the film, the dolls are more like companions, each with her own personality and presence.

"She looks like a person," says Rob McKay, 55, a writer who owns two dolls, Lily and Eden. "Even though she's not a breathing person, psychologically you feel like someone is with you. They're like a balm for loneliness or aloneness."

McKay and other doll owners, who share their stories and photos online at, compare the life-size ladies to "teddy bears for adults."

"That's where she's done the most good, reducing the feeling of solitude," McKay says, adding that he prefers intimacy with a live partner but hasn't had a girlfriend since 2001. "Just having her there to hug or just to have somebody close by, even though it's not, obviously, a warm body."

A member of who goes by the name Doll Luvr says his doll "is far more than just an expensive sex toy."

"She sleeps with me, watches TV with me, sits at the table and has coffee with me," he writes. "Just having a female shape laying next to me in bed is very comforting."

Gosling's character gets emotional, but never physical, with Bianca. But whereas Lars is delusional and believes the doll is alive, most doll owners "know where to draw the line," McKay says.

The dolls "inspire imagination," he says. "You put what you think into the doll, so you're projecting part of yourself onto this inanimate creature and making her seem more lifelike."

Stacy Leigh, 36, a married photographer who lives in New York, uses her two RealDolls as photo subjects. Both are petite and "could fit in all my clothing, same shoe size and everything," she says, noting that one doll has a more curvaceous figure. ("The one with the big boobs is the sluttier of the two," she says.) Leigh owns six faces and more than 30 wigs and divides her time between shooting real models and shooting the dolls. She staunchly defends her fellow doll owners.

"Most guys just need it because they just want to feel somebody in the bed next to them, even though it's not a real person," she says. "I feel bad for those guys."

Doll owners tend to be "older men with disposable income," Keller says, adding that the dolls are also popular with couples and artists. RealDolls have been used in movies, music videos and by a forensic studies program as models in sex-crime scenarios, Keller says.

Chicago-based artist Amber Hawk Swanson had a doll made in her exact likeness as part of a multimedia art project. The 27-year-old says she didn't anticipate the relationship she would form with Amber Doll.

During the nine months it took for her doll to arrive, "I really did picture her as real," Swanson says. "Not that I imagined her walking around my house, but I just couldn't wait. I just imagined cuddling up with her."

Swanson is continuing her art project, but she now has a live romantic partner who's "thankful that I've moved past the time when I pictured my life with this doll and not with a human."

She says doll owners can identify with "Lars and the Real Girl," which she describes as "a movie starring a RealDoll that's true to the way many people interact with their dolls: in a partnership way."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back in the day........

I used to be a club kid....not the baggy jean, whistle blowing annoyances that you're thinking of. My generation of club goers' were employed by Micheal Alig. Micheal was a purveyor of good times. The man threw THE most amazing parties EVER!!!! Disco 2000 was on Wednesday nights and anybody who mattered was there. Hell, I even danced in a cage with Amanda Lapore (who was nice to me, until a guy she liked was more interested in me then her). I remember the drugs the dancing and the good times...eventually the good times would come to a screetching halt.

We all knew that Micheal Alig murdered Angel. Every Disco 2000 regular was fully aware of the altercation that led to the demise, of a dirty wing wearing club kid. Micheal went from decorating the club with feathers and glitter to using cow parts purchased from a local butcher and dumping tons of ketchup on them, reminicant of a disco house of horrors. I remember one time I was tripping on E and the smell of ketchup mixing with rotting meat was making me want to vomit, so I went to the VIP called "Shampoo".

Once past the velvet rope being manned by Aphrodita ( A hot European chick, who mouth raped me once!) I noticed a group of my friends dancing to the groovy 80's tunes. I went over and together we formed a happy drugged circle of freaks. We danced and laughed and danced some more. Another friend came over with a joint laced with PCP, that my friend Ray had taken a HUGE drag of. Two songs later Ray went wild in the eyes- and I saw it. I was scared, so I grabbed my best friend David and began to leave. No sooner then we start backing away, Ray grabbed each girl on either side of him by the hair and yanked them straight down with every ounce of strength he had. they screamed like I never heard a human scream before. And there was Ray standing there still dancing with his legs but wild eyed, white knuckling the girls hair with clumps of bloody flesh at the ends. Before we could grab the girls- security encircled Ray and beat him up all the way outside, where they left him battered, bloody and high.

It was a bad night.

A few years later Ray would knowingly fuck a gangsters wife. They would have the wife call Ray, to meet her at Marine Park in Brooklyn in the parking lot. The passenger jumped out of the van and sliced Rays throat nearly decapitating him, then they ran him over once in drive and once in reverse. I felt very badly for the son he left behind, and I cried because Ray never did anything wrong to me...but I knew the world was a safer place without him.

The above photo is me on my second birthday September 10, 1973.....back in the day.