Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Edge...

During my loooong lapse in tending to this blog, much has happened. For starters, I had foot surgery- which SUCKED! But I'm almost all better now and soon I can wear heels for more than a couple of hours. Actually, now that I think about it I'm probably not supposed to be wearing them this soon after the surgery. Oh well, I'm doing fine and that's all there is to that chapter.

In last last few months, I took a class at Parsons New School for black and white film. I enjoyed being in the darkroom VERY much, and shooting film of my City was a wonderful challenge that was much needed. I shot strangers with their permission. I actually approached them asked, took a pic and then engaged in conversation before shooting another pic. I approached many different type of people and all of them were oddly enough born and raised in or around the Five Boroughs. When I scan the film to disc, I will upload some of these portraits just in case anybody wants to see them.

And also, since were on the subject of life and all... I should mention that the Hubby and I are at our strongest we've ever been. I love him and being married to him is my single greatest source of happiness. He is my world, and I'm lucky to have a bond with a human like the one we share. Recently Beyonce (the singer/artist) released a couple of songs off of her new album early and one of them is called 1+1. That song embodies where we're at. And I'm thankful for it every moment of the day.

Well, I've got junk to do and so I'm off for now. But I have a feeling this blog will resurrect in a most positive way. As my life has turned a corner and the view from here is paradise.

*The above photo was shot in Tribeca NYC, with a model named Daniela. I had shot her many times before, but never like this.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone Get's a Turn...

Sneaking back in here... hope you don't mind.