Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone Get's a Turn...

Sneaking back in here... hope you don't mind.



Anonymous said...

I was afraid that you don't like us anymore.
Glad to see you back here!

Love, Mihailo

ERosanne said...

Glad you are back and blogging again.
I'm from the UK and I first discovered your work courtesy of that (highly amusing) article in some magazine. ('Closer,' maybe? I don't recall).
Anyway, the article didn't represent you very accurately, but I was interested enough to google you and found your blog here.
I love your photography. Love the quirkiness of using dolls, though I often have to do a double-take to work out if they are people or not.
My friend in the UK photographs dolls, too (though that's where the similarity ends, hers are on a completely different scale - literally). I've always loved her work, I find it amusing, and I love the vibrant colours.
For your amusement: http://www.fetishdollies.co.uk/
Keep up the blog posts, I enjoy reading them.