Sunday, April 27, 2008


After a 16 year battle with breast cancer, the beautiful Juliana has passed away. We will miss you dearly.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I've got nothin'...

-I found Bob Jamiesons email address, and wrote him, now we'll find out if he's full of shit.

-I emailed about my doll photography, I am positive but guarded.

-I am in the process of moving, which everybody knows sucks ass! The move day is May 9th...

-My good friend Daniela V. has made her debut in Playboy's Special Editions! Congratulations Honey!!

-I am under a tremendous amount of stress. ugh, stress.

*the above photo is my newest doll face, named Hana Samoza (she is the "Nika" face at

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dirty Old Men...

...are okay in my book. Right now I am highly interested in hearing from Bob Jamieson. The funny thing is, he offered his card- and I declined.


Because I am a fucking idiot.

The second we walked away my husband said, "why didn't you take his card?". I thought I was playing hardball- ugh. What a tard I am. The thing is, I couldn't walk back and take it- I would've felt like an idiot (but not nearly as big of an idiot as I feel like right now).

I know, I know...I am a fool.

I will play this over and over in my head- but I'm sure that every single one of you has probably made an equally foolish mistake in your own lives.

And knowing that- is what's keeping me off the ledge!!!

*The above photo is Realdoll Daniella Deville, shot in natural light.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tribeca... where we are moving. Not my first choice- fuck, it's not even my tenth choice (I am partial to Chelsea). But one thing we have learned, is that my husband will only live in Tribeca, and I will only live in a loft. A stalemate.

So here we are.

From Murray Hill to Tribeca.

We've handed off a check for a loft that the Real Estate agent and I have coined "The Jellybean Loft". Since this is no time to buy a home in nyc, we have decided to take an eighteen month lease to rent the loft. I am in deep love with it- but remain a skeptic. Because after all, this is nyc where nothing is set in stone. We are scheduled to move in early May...I am positive about it but guarded.

Since my last blog entry, I have been getting out there and trying to market myself. Here are the highlights:

-I marched into a magazine where I know the Editor, and plopped my portfolio down. The editor told me they are going to work with me. Yay! I am a bit skeptical- I'm Positive but guarded.

-James Graham introduced me to Eric Kroll at a gallery in the East Village. While we were there, some accountant performed the worlds lamest rap songs- I think he might have been on Ecstacy- because no lucid person would humiliate themselves the way he did.

-I signed up for two classes at ICP. One is telling stories with a photograph. Having studied film production at NYU in my youth- I learned all about symbolism...but telling an entire story in one frame was never the goal like it is with still photography.

-My husband and I met the semi retired President/CEO of RCA records in a restaurant, gave him my card and told him I am available to shoot anybody he wanted. He loved my work and assured me I would be hearing from him very soon. So yeah-I'm still a skeptic (positive but guarded).

I am bent on success.

*The above photo is Domo, shot in all natural light.