Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Saint Barthelemy, the French West Indies.....

I love the French.

The men, the culture, the food......I had a fantastic time in St. Barts and at the same time I learned that I suck at photographing nature!

St. Barts is a beautiful little island and Eden Rock is one of the best places to stay. If you ever have some extra ching to drop on a vacation- GO!!!!! And stay at the Eden Rock. We stayed in the Micheal suite, which had a view over looking the ocean and it's own dipping pool. It was a recipe for love! Lots of naughty, naughty love!!!!! I would be kidding myself if I didn't mention the beautiful British boy, whos family owns the resort. He was about 22 and PERFECT. yummy British boy.......who can be seen starring in my fantasies for the next few weeks!

My favorite photos from the trip have my husband totally naked in them - and I do not have his permission to post those....so these will have to do.