Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That night when Koko loved Nikki...

My master critique was beyond perfection. Mary Ellen Mark (as well as the ten or so other students) absolutely loved my doll work. Mary Ellen had not one negative thing to say to me. Okay- well there was the one thing:

"Don't let people know you actually like the dolls, treat it as though it were a conceptual art project".

The truth is, I always do when pitching my work- but I am sure my eyes light up with a unique twinkle the moment I mention those damn slabs of silicone! My Mary Ellen Mark review was SO good, that she promised me the moon. But I guess she forgot, because I never heard back from her. During the critique with my forty chosen photos lined up on the table- she called all of her assistants in, as well as her business partner (they have a film company named 'Green Films' or something like that). They all gushed over how awesome my lighting is, my use of colors and my general creativity. It was quite an ego boost! They all loved the dolls of course- and really, who wouldn't?

Oh well, So nothing came of it. I will throw her into the same category as Taschen, HBO, Howard Stern and now, Mary Ellen Mark. It's the compartment in my mind entitled, "Disappointed".

Sometimes people feed your head with all this great stuff about your work, and it does serve to empower you as an artist. It helps you to move forward and not give up, especially when you question yourself and your talent. So in a sense, I did get my money worth... But I would have rather she had given me the email to the publisher she knows- like she said she would. She even told me to use her name in the subject line. I think her assistant was the actual roadblock, at least that's what I want to think.

So in honor of art and erotica in art, I have created this shoot aptly titled:

"That night Koko loved Nikki"

*the above photos are of my two 4Woods dolls. They are the AINeo and Evolution bodies with the Mia and Elina heads... But I call them Nikki and Koko. Obviously.

So fucking gorgeous.