Monday, April 19, 2010

Tits McGee...

nice rack.

*the above photo is my Realdoll 2 body, being two faced... literally.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The non-negotiator...

Please tell me, did you ever fuck up the chance to get payed the maximum amount of money for a job well done? Somehow, I managed to non-negotiate my way to low pay for a LOT of work! I did a freelance campaign for a very large company, and didn't know how to get myself payed the maximum. That my friends is a lesson learned! Next time, I will make my husband do the contract for me. I won't tell you how many days I worked on this campaign, but I I gave up a LOT of my time. The ads are a HUGE hit, they've told me via email several times now.

So, I have my passive aggressive way of doing things (usually I am PAINFULLY direct, but when dealing with clients I tend to play softball) and after submitting my work to said company. I sent an invoice, that read:

studio rental....................$1000. per day

This way, the company was aware that I severely undercharged them. I never charged them for my photographers fee or the retouching fee... My guess is they will never hire me again! That's okay, because the truth is....

they can't afford me!

Really they can't, because the work was so tedious and annoying that I will charge a phenomenal amount should they contact me again.

*the above photo is a Realdoll2 ass, go kiss it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The antithetical...

Lately things are beyond amazing. Everything is super fantastic and I am wondering why life took a huge turn in the opposite direction. I feel less "emotionally infectious", and therefore much more social. Being anti social has it benefits too ya' know! I have embraced the paintbrush once again, so that's good. I've actually been repainting those little fashion dolls and making some dough selling them. My husband is OVERLY encouraging, for whatever reason- he just loves those little dolls and actually prefers them to the big dolls. He thinks it's adorable when I paint them, he often comes over just to kiss the top of my head. Insanity!!!! I don't know what the lure is for him, but if he's happy- I'm happy!!!! I'm not going to lie, It's fun. I create a tiny persona and paint them into a 16" vinyl doll. Not as socially acceptable as photography when considering it an art form... but it is art. And it is DIFFICULT! Those faces are teensy. BUT... I need to shoot some fashion. I have a head full of creative juices and no outlet for it.

That can't be a good thing!

*the above doll is the closest thing I have to a fashion model out of my 10 life sized dolls. I am really glad I have her, because she's about to work. She's from

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Twitter is in the Shitter...

...and yet I seem to manage a new follower every day.

I don't get the lure of Twitter. I tried it and it felt too high maintenance for me. I am more the Facebook type if I have to choose. I think Twitter is best reserved for celebrities to better expose their defunct morale...

Much in the same way I use my blog!

i keed, i keed.

But seriously, I hate Twitter.

*the above photo is the newest face from BoyToy named Harmony, you can buy her at