Monday, April 12, 2010

The antithetical...

Lately things are beyond amazing. Everything is super fantastic and I am wondering why life took a huge turn in the opposite direction. I feel less "emotionally infectious", and therefore much more social. Being anti social has it benefits too ya' know! I have embraced the paintbrush once again, so that's good. I've actually been repainting those little fashion dolls and making some dough selling them. My husband is OVERLY encouraging, for whatever reason- he just loves those little dolls and actually prefers them to the big dolls. He thinks it's adorable when I paint them, he often comes over just to kiss the top of my head. Insanity!!!! I don't know what the lure is for him, but if he's happy- I'm happy!!!! I'm not going to lie, It's fun. I create a tiny persona and paint them into a 16" vinyl doll. Not as socially acceptable as photography when considering it an art form... but it is art. And it is DIFFICULT! Those faces are teensy. BUT... I need to shoot some fashion. I have a head full of creative juices and no outlet for it.

That can't be a good thing!

*the above doll is the closest thing I have to a fashion model out of my 10 life sized dolls. I am really glad I have her, because she's about to work. She's from

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