Thursday, August 26, 2010

random thought...

I don't understand how my flickr account has over 24,000 views, when I was banned from their search engine upon joining? How'd that happen? You can search for my flickr account until the end of time, and you will never find it. I thought that being omitted from their search engine was an extreme reaction to my smutty work, but it hasn't stopped people from stumbling upon my stuff. I find that interesting for some reason. I'm sure it's not an interesting point to anybody except me, but who else am I going to mention it to?

Here is a nice commercial shot of the new Realdoll face for their website, she truly is a knockout:

more gratuitous doll photos of my newest hussy, Valentina coming soon...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Chick Bad...

My Chick good.

My Chick do stuff that your Chick wish she could.

This is Valentina.

She could easily be my Chick... if only she could breathe.

*the above photo is the first photo of the new Realdoll face. I LOVE this face. I can tell we're going to get along, she reminds me of Cassie. Yum Cassie. I have found a muse in this doll so you can expect to see her A LOT in the coming weeks... gotta' go, the camera is calling my name!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Consoler of the Lonely...

ha ha <<--- awkward nervous laugh

Just got a call from the UK.

The "story" of my doll habit was read back to me (equipped with an AWESOME British accent... utter hotness). I had a good laugh during the final reading. The article is what the Brits call, "cheeky". It was actually quite accurate, but also a little skewed to the sexual side of doll ownership. But why would that surprise anybody?

I am a doll person. Of that I am sure.

The only thing that REALLY bugged me and caused my nervous laugh, was that they lifted a photo off of my blog (without permission) as an accompanying photo to the story. And of course they picked the MOST sensational picture they could find (surprise, surprise). It's the only photo ever taken where I kiss my dolls cheek. To make matters worse, the photo was taken with my built in computer camera. Blech a technically defunct photo no less!!! Are they trying to give me heart failure?? I can assure you that it's going to piss the husband off more than me.

It's true, I like to be in control... although this time I have conceded. Late last night I set up the camera and snapped away some pics to illustrate my relationship with my dolls. You know', the professional relationship... Sure enough they would try to push the whole sexual aspect of doll ownership.


Let them print it. I don't give a shit at this point. I don't fuck the dolls!!!

But that's probably only because I am ill equipped!

Here is one of the pics from last night:

me likey!

*the above photo is Shane and me getting ready for another photo shoot. I look like a hag next to her, that skinny fake bitch!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

rubber doll...

So I shot three rolls of film just to get the creative juices flowing, and I really enjoyed the process as well as the results. I want to print them out and drool all over the grain.

There is no photoshop, only resizing and adding my name.
Here are a few of the photos:

Over the past couple of weeks since my meeting with the Chelsea gallery owner, I am in the process of creating work for an exhibit (little of which you will see, it's to be kept under wraps). When the work is complete, I will go back to the gallery that is interested and let it all hang out, and I mean all of it. I have been told that my work definitely has something, but they want more.

more of what, they did not say...

just more.

They (okay mostly him, but her too!) satiated over the photos. Except for one photo he called "commercial crap", which he promptly tossed aside as though it literally it burned his eyes. It was super funny and I lol'd, honestly I did! I was surprised the meeting went on for well over an hour. It spoke VOLUMES to me. He told me to stop talking several times, and corrected my annunciation of a word or two. He was wonderful for giving so much of his valued time, and he really guided me in the right direction. I am thrilled to have met him, and I hope the stuff I am working on gives him what he so desires...


*the above pics are my BoyToy doll Pricella, and a Realdoll face on a Boytoy body. The other is my beloved and oldest Realdoll Shane (the smoker). Her silicone is VERY fragile these days, she is slowly falling apart and it kinda' gives me the feeling that she is 'dying'.

:insert pouty face HERE:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am ridiculous

This photo was a request from a writer (for a UK tabloid, I believe). I find it more disturbing than any photo I have ever taken. I don't know why yet... I just do. Anyway, I had to crouch or I would have towered over the surrounding dolls. I haven't exactly said "yes" to this article, I need to read it first. It will probably be degrading, it almost always is. When I do have the chance to read the finished article, if I feel an inkling of remorse or a parallel to insanity- I will nix the whole damn thing.

That's the problem with a lot of magazines/writers/tv producers, most of them want sensationalism. I am so on the fence about this article, that I may never let it come to fruition.

Park magazine (France) and Fantom magazine (Italy) are still the only magazines to feature my photos for the sake of art. I have never consented to any other article on me, and I am seriously doubting this one will get the green light either.

fuck, the more I type the more I am talking myself out of this whole idea! Typical Stacy Leigh. I don't care for sensationalism dammit.

I'll know for sure after I read it.

*the above pic is me with my group of hussies... had the writer waited another week or so, I would have had a tenth doll to add to the lot. Crap, I really do look like a fucking psycho.