Monday, September 27, 2010

the cristi...

She's my favorite model, we work REALLY well together. She so gorgeous it's absurd. These are some of the last shots we did together. I have more plans for her.


*and if it wasn't clear already, the above pics are of the the cristi. complete and utter hotness times two.

holy fu@k!

I had to share this as soon as I saw it, as I am COMPLETELY blown away!!!

Please go google Ron Mueck.

I would add a link here, but I am totally inept. This guy is an amazing artist. I am seriously impressed beyond words.

*the above photos are of Ron Mueck working on one of his amazing sculptures, and the other is of the sculpture in a museum. I lifted these pics off the net and have NO idea who to credit. sorry.

I'm still in awe.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

RIP 2006-2010

Today my camera died...

As I began this photo shoot, so began the demise. I will get it fixed, but it's definitely time to upgrade. Now it's imperative! So in honor of the passing, I offer this:

An Ode to my old 5D-
Oh Canon, how I love thee- Every push of the shutter you set me free.
We have shot, many a doll- you even worked after that fall.
I can't express what you mean to me, you've brought out the beauty my eyes doth see!

HA HA! I am officially an asshole.


*the above photos are of my two realdoll 2 body b's. these pictures are just a few frames out of many. when I don't get sex, this is the result. blame or thank the husband, it's all how you view smut I suppose...

Monday, September 20, 2010

I cut like a Buffalo...

Pretty thing, squeezing blood from a stone. You do nothing whore. Why do I like you?

*the above pics are of my Realdoll 2, Kristin

Thursday, September 9, 2010

store bought bones...


My camera is calling my name.

*the above photos are of Val and she is AMAZING! With a new articulated spine and a new posable neck, Realdoll has outdone themselves!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As an artist, you have to learn to differentiate between good advice and just plain overkill.

Recently I have asked some well known photographers what they think of my doll work. I was told by one person that I should leave in the chains and stands that aid in posing the dolls (I discarded that advice), and that I should do a lot more photoshop to make them look real (this negates his 1st bit of advice). I was told by another that I need to add motion (which results in a lovely motion blur, THIS is great advice). I was told by another (and this one I had to laugh about) that I have framing problems and I don't know how to use negative space. This from a guy who definitely shouldn't throw stones from his glass house... albeit a lovely house (after all, he IS good). He has some photos with weird cut off limbs and negative space that is filled with blown out highlights. I chose to ignore 95% of his advice. He was conceited and to me the affliction was unfounded. Because I find a lot of his work is utterly and tragically forgettable.

He told me my work was "boring as shit", and that there is none of "me" in my work.

I literally lol'd...

My work reeks of me. I am sometimes vapid and sometimes full of emotion. The gamut of my work reflects that.

He than spent the next 5 minutes tooting his own proverbial horn! He bragged about taking photos as a kid... Really? I mean if that's all it takes to make you special, good! Because I used to shoot my Barbie dolls! Started painting on canvas, sewing clothes for my Barbies and photographing them, all by the tender age of 6!!!! He bragged and bragged about shit that most artists do anyway. *He is NOT special* He simply believes his own hype. And although I found his "critique" gratuitous, self indulgent and just plain inaccurate, I did learn one very valuable lesson...

You have to be convincing in selling your worth as a photographer, or you've got to have delusions of grandeur.

Me, I've got a little of both.

*the above pic is Valentina in some shots from a series that I took for my personal work. There are six other photos in this set. I have pics of her with motion blur actually punching the other doll in the face, but I didn't want to post the whole set here. Recently I have decided to show the Ying to my Yang... and it's ugly.