Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rag and Bone

I wish I knew how to embed a link to song into my posts. I keep wanting to add a link when I use a song title, but I am CLUELESS! Anyway, the title of this entry is a song from the White Stripes, listen to it if you can. I love Jack White and anything he does. He is currently filling all five slots in my "free fuck pass list".

more of my fun day spent shooting Victoria...


*the above pic is victoria posing with a couple of BoyToy dolls.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Icky Thump

Shooting some personal work with a friend trumps anything, anytime- any day of the week. This is supposed to be touchy subject matter. Thank you Victoria, for your tremendous effort!

*the above pic is victoria, just wanted to share...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Realdoll Rules!

*the above photos are my generation 2 Realdolls. The male doll is named Devon and the female is Valentina. I love how the new skeleton poses, I hope they work it out so they can make it support the weight of a full size male doll... I would LOVE it!

because some people are stupid...

-A doll company is born.
-They ask us to invest, we decline.
-Instead we buy a doll from them with two heads. ALL for full price, the same as any customer did at the time.
-We were also offered a stand for free. As were the other first 5 customers.
-I receive my 1st doll from said company and take MANY photographs.
-I allow the new doll company to use all of the photos to sell their dolls. For free.
-I am offered a male doll on a discount. I paid $3800 for a $5000 doll, that's a $1200 discount.
-There was no contract for the discount, just a receipt and a cashed personal check.
-I attempt to sell a doll because I HAD to. My husband gave me an ultimatum.
-I chose to sell their doll, because it was THE ONLY doll I payed for. ALL of my other dolls at the time were given to me for free by the manufacturers in exchange for photos to use on their respective websites.
-The doll company sent me a curt email, saying I have damaged their business by trying to sell the doll.
-The second head for the doll arrives MONTHS after the doll itself does. It has ugly 'Groucho Mark' eyebrows, even though I requested it have none. And remember, I paid FULL PRICE.
-Months pass and eventually the email updates on my male doll order cease.
-Almost a year later I recieve a contract written by the CEO, that says for the discounted doll I must:
*Give the doll company 10 different doll photo shoots consisting of 6 to 8 photos each over the next 8 months.
*Or, if I still want the doll I must pay the $1200 difference.
-I accidentally lose the contract/letter written by the CEO of the company while in San Diego shooting for a competitor.
-The male doll is ordered to be discontinued by court order due to the lawsuit.
-Over 1 year later, and I still don't have a doll...
-Or a stand.
-Or my money.

-I have a rule, free doll= free pics. I generally shoot about 35 photos in varying looks and styles in return for the free doll.
-I have what is known as a "Day Rate". It is my daily pay as a photographer. I charge more than $1000 a day. To offer me a $1200 discount for 80 photos is fucking INSANE. But then so is suing your former employee!!
-When the doll company came to fruition, we were considered friends. But after I put their doll up for sale, they turned on me.

That company is LovableDolls, and they have chosen to sue their former employer Realdoll. They lost all but one count, and that was decided by a jury of their peers. They still use my photos and even put my name on their website so that if you do a google search on me- their website shows up.

I have a load of disdain for them. Really I do. They are very bad people, and I allowed them to use me. Shame on me!

*lesson learned*