Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nurse Ratchett...

if she were 16" tall and made of resin...

Happy Halloween you guys!!!!!!! (it's my favorite holiday and my husbands least favorite holiday... it figures)

*the above photos are of my evil Sybarite Seville, the victim is Alex from Madame Alexander. Somebody was a fashion victim and it sure wasn't Seville!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Russia with love...

I am still stuck in Funky Town.

But Tatiana is a great (although fleeting) pick me up! Please enjoy looking at pics of the tallest doll I own. She is 5'9" and she is built like a Victoria Secret model. She is based on an actual woman, who is obviously STUNNING beyond words.

Anywhoo, I am feeling worlds better and I can sense the one way train out of funky town should be arriving any minute now....

...if somebody could just tell me where the station is.

*the above photos are of Russias first Love Doll! She is an Anatomical doll, feel free to buy one of your own at-


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some of the greatest people I've ever met...

...came by way of the internet.

-and 28.3% of the doll people (5% of which are in the top percentile of my love- you know who you are)

I owe some phone calls or something.

*the above photo is a Realdoll 2 "Aimee" face that I have decided to name Angela. I went to junior high school with two Italian sisters- one of them was named Angela and the other was Nina (both of whom I have re-connected with on Facebook... yay Facebook!!). Angela and I never got along, but she was gorgeous never the less. It's strange because Nina and I were the best of friends. Anyway this dolls face reminds me of Angela hence the name...

Sadly the next doll to arrive will not be named Nina (but I will use that name eventually too!).

She will be appropriately named Tatyana. She is from Russia's very first Silicone doll company, "Anatomical Doll" and she is due to arrive here any day now...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The dolls just keep showing up...

This is a Realdoll 2, I have named her Gianna. These photos are for the Realdoll website.

I haven't much else to say...

just give me a couple of days to officially check out of "Funky Town". In the meantime, please take the liberty to enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

*I am a sullen to say the least, can you just sense the stink in my musings? I suck right now. Emotionally that is.