Sunday, October 18, 2009

The dolls just keep showing up...

This is a Realdoll 2, I have named her Gianna. These photos are for the Realdoll website.

I haven't much else to say...

just give me a couple of days to officially check out of "Funky Town". In the meantime, please take the liberty to enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

*I am a sullen to say the least, can you just sense the stink in my musings? I suck right now. Emotionally that is.


Elisheba_Amalia said...

Big hugs to you, Stacy!!


Amy said...

Killer shots as always, Stacy. Your lighting is so damn pretty.


Davecat said...

Gianna looks very rubbery. I like that in a Doll. ;-)

As always, cool photos! Will we see Gianna... 'interacting'... with your other silicone hussies in the near-future?

Mahtek said...

Beautiful doll!

And a Siberian Vixen in transit! :D

What? You're still in a funk? :(

Try thinking about the nice doll place we're building for you on the web little bit more each day! ;)

4kmi said...
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4kmi said...
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4kmi said...

Hi Stacy! I'm so glad I came across your site some time ago, but this is the first message I decided to leave.

Wow! Your RealDolls look the best I've ever seen! You have such a way with hair and makeup! You make them look utterly real and so beautiful, too! I love seeing your sets when you post them. Thank you for your site and keep up the good work.

Also, if I may, make a request? Can you please do some photoshoots with RealDolls in sexy pantyhose? No fishnet pantyhose or pantyhose in garish colors like red, blue, green, yellow, etc. Only natural shades like nude, suntan, coffee, black and white. Something like suntan L'eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose look great.

Or, something like this example also looks great:
( )

Pavel's sites are: PavelPhoto and Pantyhose.LA

More great sexy pantyhose examples (with a new pic added daily) are here at:
( ) and ( )

Also, another great site that I love and the pictures of girls in pantyhose are really great and so sexy is: Pantyhose-X.

Check out Pantyhose-X's. awesomely sexy picture-of-the-day here:
( )

Thanks, Stacy.

Stacy Leigh said...

I will try to accommodate your request as soon as I can. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment!


4kmi said...

That's great! Awesome! Thanks, Stacy. :-)

Senor Lopilopo said...

I admire your work. I admire the spiritual profundity of it. You get it. Not just the physical beauty. Your photography fairly shouts out loud that you resonate with the inner beauty of each subject.

One may argue where that beauty resides. Does it rest in the artist? the manufacturer? the purchaser? the perceiver?

Does the lover of dolls share in a kind of creative process that gives life - is the life of the doll like the reflected glory of the Almighty in the Shekhinah?

I have never been satisfied that this is a matter of fetishism as that word is commonly understood or that the love of a doll is somehow an indication of personal shortcoming - a manfestation of loneliness and sadness. Rather I see it as a vocation, a higher calling to a world beyond the moment, a reality beyond the immediately evident. Loving a doll is an existential exercise, perhaps the ultimate existential exercise.

Your photography demonstrates that it is more than meets the eye.