Friday, January 26, 2007

The love affair is OVER!!!!!!

I am not kidding...I am so over Glamour photography. I want to expand my horizons and be more marketable. There is virtually NOTHING available for the glamour photographer. Not to mention the utter lack of respect photographers of other genres show you. I have been trying my hand at fashion photography for the last week.

shooting, uploading, editing.
shooting, uploading. editing.

All I have managed to learn in the past week, is that I suck at fashion photography. I can't WAIT until class starts. I switched from a morning class to an evening gives the hubby some time to enjoy the homestead with out me. I can see it, wine, porn and wet towels everywhere. Did I mention the porn?

I am off to see 'Smoking Aces' starring Jeremy Piven. God Jeremy Piven is DELICIOUS. I really hope the movie isn't a disappointment, so many have been in the past few years. Oh James Graham is due to write his top 10 of 2006 (music), I only have one:

System of a Down

bye for now.....

Friday, January 19, 2007

"Worship me bitch"

That's what my cat Mikey would probably say if he could speak. Luckily he can't, so I continue to love him. A strange habit of most cats is to sleep under the blanket on the owners bed. Not much oxygen under there but the warmth makes it appealing. I lifted back the covers with a 5 pixel point and shoot in hand (not even white balanced) the result.


Anyway, speaking of worship. My top 10 favorite photographers whos' work, stops me dead in my tracks, should be known. Here is the list in alphabetical order:

~Lisa Boyle
~James Graham
~Markus Klinko
~David LaChapelle
~Lithium Picnic
~Farley Magalia
~Helmut Newton
~Derek Rigers
~Chris Thomson

The shoot for tonight is back on!!!!! YAY!!!! Nipples!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Damn it...

This is Pearl Nalani from Mondays shoot...she is beautiful. Did I mention she's gonna' sniff an onion for me? What a sport.

Pearl aside-
The weather has caused my Friday shoot to be postphoned...that sucks. The model is stuck somewhere in middle America, unable to catch a flight to NY.I was looking forward to shooting. Now I'll have to wait until Monday to shoot again, only it won't be the same model who postphoned...

Monday will be Crissy, a.k.a. Crystal Cadence. I adore Crissy- originally from London, she knows how to model. Which is priceless. One evening before New Years Eve. (the one that just passed) I was returning from a shopping trip at B&H. I had a strobe light, an umbrella, a cheap light stand, and a HEAVY DUTY light stand. Needless to say I was trying to hail a cab. One. Two. Three empty cabs later, I realized I was hollering profanities outloud. Fuck, dick, know, all the good ones...When a beautiful girl said to me as she passed by, "I hope you get that cab", and much to my suprise- it was Crissy. I must have seemed IN-FUCKING-SANE. Seriously, think about it. Me- on 8th Ave., cursing at cabs while they pass me up!!! If this is indicative of my senior years- I'm scared.

I would be lying if I didn't give credit to James Graham, who posed me nekkid w/ my camera first...but it got me to thinking- My camera is my phantom cock and I took this shot to prove it...Censored by marriage.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I need a moment to compartmentalize...

Seriously, so much is running through my head lately. The ideas are flowing like wine at a dinner with my extended family. So many ideas to shoot...I need more models. edgier ones. one's not affraid to show a little nipple.

I don't know who, but somebody is going to sniff an onion, and I'm gonna shoot it.

All of these creative ideas, and not one will be used with Pearl tomorrow. She is a gorgeous girl who had a full page spread in I am excited to say the least. Just glamour shit though, more of the same. I want to add some edge to my glamour. Well she and the make up artist will be here @ 5:30pm (it's 2:21 am)

I wonder if she'll sniff an onion for me?

Sunday, January 14, 2007 I don't completely suck ass...

After a considerable amount of time procrastinating...this past Friday, I finally went to ICP (International Center for Photography). As it stands I am technically retarded. This doesn't mean I don't know anything, but some of the basics elude me. It's true, I get by on the fly. I have great equipment and I am pretty good at lighting. My framing is good sometimes, and my vision is decent enough...but will that get me the results I would be happy with??? Hell fucking NO!! I really want this. I love taking pics, period. Back on subject: ICP, the class I wanted to take required a couple of prequisite classes.

Yuck. I have never in my 35 years liked school. I am the type of jerk, that halfway through the semester I get bored and think I already know as much as the professor. Of course I never do! But that doesn't stop the big ugly ego. Anywhoo, I didn't want to take those damn classes so I went for a portfolio review. And much to my pleasant suprise, I was admitted and told I am good but may want to refine my lighting!!! Woo fucking hoo- I totally agree...that's why I want the stupid class. I danced in the street today. I am happy because I am determined, and I am on the right track.

I am buying a mac tomorrow. I can't be a pro on this piece of crapola.

I saw some of the James "Genius" Graham, photos of me...and they are smokin' hot. They remind me of the Madonna pics from back when, only James' shadows are as smooth as butter. The old Madonna pic shadows are not. I am looking forward to shooting again.

Well, tomorrow after I buy my mac, we (my husband and I) are going to a hip hop dance class for the first time. I need to get my body looking better. It's still too...I dunno- but I need some physical activity. I hope we are not the only 30 somethings in there. We'll look like complete fools. It'll be fun either way.

While I have nothing against the actual act of "Sucking Ass" per se...I am certainly glad my photographic skills do not. Although, this photo would have you thinking otherwise. I had to post it somewhere. It was better in theory...perhaps someday I will find brazen models to do it for real.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Looking down the Glass of a Genius...

I finally got to play with my new camera, but it was spent on a Realdoll photoshoot. It was an ode to James Graham, it's one of a few ideas I got from working with James. He is a mad scientist when he shoots and I thought it was wonderful to watch. The better idea that came to me after the shoot, will require both of my dolls to get in front of the camera. That is such a workout that it'll be a couple of weeks before that happens...

I am really looking forward to my two shoots scheduled for next week. One model was in Maxim and the other looks like a hot Samantha Fox from back in the day. Good stuff should result from them both. The latter of the two will be doing my "Vinny the Ginny" idea for me...I hope she can handle it.

let the games begin...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This could be a HUGE mistake...

This blog might prove the obvious...I am friggin' weird. But that's cool with me because I don't know any other way.

I want to be a better photographer. So much so, it consumes me. I was scared of people seeing my paintings...they range from pure fluffy shit, to dark places in my mind. I had to explain a painting and it's meaning to my mother in law icky.That's all it took- I put the brushes down leaving several paintings unfinished...sad really because I don't miss it at all. I wonder what would happen if I tried right now to finish them. I'll bet I couldn't. I am completely outta' the zone.

I am, however in the creative zone for photography. I posed for a fantastic photographer named James Graham (his blog is my favorite because I admire him and his skills), and came up with a very cool idea for a shoot with my Realdolls.

did I mention I have Realdolls?

well I do.

done for now.