Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This could be a HUGE mistake...

This blog might prove the obvious...I am friggin' weird. But that's cool with me because I don't know any other way.

I want to be a better photographer. So much so, it consumes me. I was scared of people seeing my paintings...they range from pure fluffy shit, to dark places in my mind. I had to explain a painting and it's meaning to my mother in law icky.That's all it took- I put the brushes down leaving several paintings unfinished...sad really because I don't miss it at all. I wonder what would happen if I tried right now to finish them. I'll bet I couldn't. I am completely outta' the zone.

I am, however in the creative zone for photography. I posed for a fantastic photographer named James Graham (his blog is my favorite because I admire him and his skills), and came up with a very cool idea for a shoot with my Realdolls.

did I mention I have Realdolls?

well I do.

done for now.

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senthil said...

Am love with your work! Am gonna read through all your blog post to learn about you and photography.

Super excited and am glad, we are connected though facebook. Am almost at the same state as you was at your first blog post (this one). Hopefully, It doesnt take me 3 years to reach your current style; Atleast i have a support and guidance!

Love ya,