Wednesday, April 25, 2012


     It's spring, and it's cold outside. I'm thinking I should make a post.

     Lots has changed, but I am still me. I need to warm up to the idea of letting it all hang out again, though I'm sure nobody is reading anymore. That's okay, because this was always here for me to chronicle my existence. I can share a secret with you, maybe that'll help to break the ice...

     I love the show 'Jerseylicious'.

     Pure lunacy, I know. But there is something about those gaudy girls that I can't get enough of!!!!! It's got to be the Italian blood coursing though my veins that first attracted me to the show... but here I am, a bona fide fan. ugh.

     So besides my complete lack of taste in television, I've been painting on canvas again. I still take photos every single day, but now I also paint. I needed it after my Mom died. An outlet if you will. I have a few pieces that I'm concurrently working on, but I've needed a break from that too. I've been sketching and creating other art with photos and paint markers. Just a bunch of weird shit. I've turned to art BIG TIME to help move on with my life. Galleries, museums, books about art history and collecting. I've even added a new addition to my small collection. It's a huge photograph from the artist Paulo Ventura.

An edition of ten from the series 'Behind the Walls' by Paulo Ventura

     Other things are happening too. I have some serious health issues, but I don't want to talk about it. Every day is a gift. Every fucking day. Since my issues with my crappy health have arisen, I've been shooting the love dolls and people a little less. But in the last few weeks, I have been ready to get back into it full swing despite my body's failures.

I've missed you.