Thursday, December 17, 2009

a day, a week, a month, a year...

A Day:

A little over a day ago I watched my all time favorite movie, "Requiem For a Dream" for perhaps my 60th time. I kid you not. This movie was filmed in the neighborhood where my high school friend David lived (he has been discussed in length here on my blog, I hope you remember who I am talking about!). Oddly this movie mirrored his life, and I am not sure we even knew or met the director Darren Aronofsky when we were younger. It's kind of weird how many people in Brooklyn have a simular story about a brother, or friend, or father. The movie's main character, Harry's life happened to be a pretty accurate depiction of David's plight, with a worse outcome for David. The movie brought me to tears... again.

A Week:

The last time I got layed was a little over a week ago. I had to do some doll shoots for Realdolls Christmas promo as well as for some new wigs they sent me- and that damn doll is starting to look pretty good to me!!!! My husband needs to stop stressing about the stock market so much so that he isn't even horned up!!!!! What the fuck. Isn't sex a stress reliever anyway? I'll tell him it is, regardless of whether it is or not!. I plan on attacking him on Friday- there will be NO EXCUSES!

A Month:

A little over a month ago (about a week after I made my last blog entry) I found out my Dad has read my blog. Hearing those words utter from his mouth was like my worst nightmare ever. Time literally came to a halt and the whole thing seemed to be happening in slow motion. I didn't even hear a word my father said- only that he has seen my blog. I do recall seeing his head shake in dismay. It was AWFUL! To make matters worse, my husband jumped on the bandwagon!!! He prefaced his lecture with, "I told you so"! The whole thing was funny... well it was funny because I started laughing. I mean come on! I am 38 friggin years old, get over it. I laughed because the first thing that came to my mind, was the blog entry: "Olives in Your Anus". I envisioned my father reading it and I literally became sick to my stomach over the thought of it. I swear to you all, the blog almost died right then and there. But today I decided, fuck it. I am an adult, and if my Dad doesn't like my blog, he does not have to read it (sorry dad, if your reading this!).

A Year:

One year and fifteen days ago, I had my life changing experience. So much has changed from the day I had my stroke, and not all of it was for the better. I have become more of a recluse than ever before. But I still go out with the hubby. We have been seeing Broadway shows, going to out to dinner, movies and taking road trips! But as for my friends, I miss them. I sometimes wish someone would come here and pull me out of the house by my hair. I swear I will change this anti social bullshit any day now, as my husband is off from work for almost two weeks starting Friday... and he will help me to feel normal and relatively sociable again. He is perfect like that and I love him for it.

*the above photo is Tripp in his new wig. The lack of sex with my husband is making Tripp an appealing alternative... I better get some booty this Friday or Tripp is gonna' work.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nurse Ratchett...

if she were 16" tall and made of resin...

Happy Halloween you guys!!!!!!! (it's my favorite holiday and my husbands least favorite holiday... it figures)

*the above photos are of my evil Sybarite Seville, the victim is Alex from Madame Alexander. Somebody was a fashion victim and it sure wasn't Seville!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Russia with love...

I am still stuck in Funky Town.

But Tatiana is a great (although fleeting) pick me up! Please enjoy looking at pics of the tallest doll I own. She is 5'9" and she is built like a Victoria Secret model. She is based on an actual woman, who is obviously STUNNING beyond words.

Anywhoo, I am feeling worlds better and I can sense the one way train out of funky town should be arriving any minute now....

...if somebody could just tell me where the station is.

*the above photos are of Russias first Love Doll! She is an Anatomical doll, feel free to buy one of your own at-


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some of the greatest people I've ever met...

...came by way of the internet.

-and 28.3% of the doll people (5% of which are in the top percentile of my love- you know who you are)

I owe some phone calls or something.

*the above photo is a Realdoll 2 "Aimee" face that I have decided to name Angela. I went to junior high school with two Italian sisters- one of them was named Angela and the other was Nina (both of whom I have re-connected with on Facebook... yay Facebook!!). Angela and I never got along, but she was gorgeous never the less. It's strange because Nina and I were the best of friends. Anyway this dolls face reminds me of Angela hence the name...

Sadly the next doll to arrive will not be named Nina (but I will use that name eventually too!).

She will be appropriately named Tatyana. She is from Russia's very first Silicone doll company, "Anatomical Doll" and she is due to arrive here any day now...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The dolls just keep showing up...

This is a Realdoll 2, I have named her Gianna. These photos are for the Realdoll website.

I haven't much else to say...

just give me a couple of days to officially check out of "Funky Town". In the meantime, please take the liberty to enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

*I am a sullen to say the least, can you just sense the stink in my musings? I suck right now. Emotionally that is.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The life of a Sybarite...

...only without the socializing.

I miss my sanity!

*the above photo is a 16" resin ball jointed doll from The UK. They are called Sybarites and I am a little obsessed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

no limits...

Holy shit you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the toughest shoot I have ever done in my life. Hands down. Forty five minutes for one fucking pose and his dick kept "popping" out of her!!! Literally making a noise each time... the whole thing almost brought me to tears.


Mostly it was was the hottest thing I ever shot. And when I finally finished at 4:18 am, I had a good mind to wake my husband up for some "La Sexa". Unfortunately it was Thursday night, and he had a morning meeting within hours. Anyway, there are 23 photos of pure smut. I am a pig, and I am slightly embarrassed at just how porn these last few shoots have become. What gives?

oh well.

*the above photo is one frame out of many. It's Tripp and Koko making a connection of sorts. How cute! More to follow...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Empire State of Mind...

Yeah, I'm up at Brooklyn,
Now I'm in TriBeCa,
Right next to DeNiro,
But I'll be hood forever...

I am feelin' you Jay-Z.

*the above photo is "Man Meat Justin" and he is such a cutie! I am also REALLY looking forward to my other male doll arriving from Lovable Dolls. I can imagine the possibilities... photographically speaking, that is.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun with toys...


This is Justin in:

"It'll be worth the money"

I swear I wish I had more hours in a day...

I am a pervert... I know. But I figured you would all want to see "more" of my man-hussy's body. I have to tell you a few things about this doll, because some details really are worth mentioning:
His nipples are awesome. They are a different silicone than the rest of him- so they are SERIOUSLY close feeling to the real thing. Which is freeking awesome, because I am not allowed to mess around with the hubby's nipples. He tells me it's annoying. I like it, but that's just me. So yeah, I totally get to fuck around with the dolls nips, and he doesn't shoo' my hand away at all!!!!

Next up the weenie:
UM, HUGE. Too big for me to even consider. I am 5'2" and I cannot have my eye poked out during masturbation. How unhealthy is that thought? Gross. Okay, so the penis feels (to the touch) uber realistic. Like creepy real. The shaft has a firm bone inside and a soft "skin like" outer shell. I know using the word shell is odd, but how the hell else can I describe a dolls dick? Cut me some slack! This is hilarious to type out verbatim! Anyway, the balls are no less realistic than the shaft- each teste has a cute feeling nut inside. The balls are more firm than I would like them to be, but a softer squishier silicone would stretch out over time, and eventually the inner ball would find it's way to the floor. Not a pretty sight, but I do LOVE danglers. And by danglers I mean testicles that have some swing to them. I find that sexy, but I doubt that is ever obtainable on a doll.

I will say, overall I find this doll amazing. I LOVE the full head system the male doll has (instead of just changing the face you change the entire head) and wish that Realdoll would switch over to full heads on all of their dolls. It really adds dimension to the realism and also makes for better looking ponytails and more hairstyle possibilities!

Well, I am tired and must hit the hay. And once again, stay tuned... there are MORE pics to follow (and because you just have to see how cute Justin looks as a blonde)

Hugs and kisses,

*the above photos are of the new boy Justin, and a very hot prospect Laurie. Both are available at

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My "Hunk O' Hussy Man Meat"...

After months of anticipation, Realdoll had finally re-invented the wheel (they discontinued the original Charlie doll)... and they have done a wonderful job. They have produced their new generation of sex dolls- the Realdoll 2. And thankfully the male doll has undergone some SERIOUS "plastic surgery" (yes, corny pun intended). He is awesome and I am still unfamiliar with his posing abilities (which seem to be superior to the older Realdoll. I will give details in another post accompanied with some new photos.

Whelp, my boydoll arrived late this afternoon! He is a twink body 1 RD2 with the MIchael head, and his alternate- the Nick head. My male doll is bi-sexual, it makes it easier to change his look. I want to show him in every possible style I am able to accommodate, right down to a drag queen! Oh yes, I will turn him into something FABULOUS! Just watch me. He will have many torrid affairs with competitors dolls and any other rubber thing that isn't nailed down. This doll is a "tingly dick" for sure.

Anyway without further a du, may I present to you my first male hussy (can you just hear the faint drum roll in the distance?):

meet, "Tripp" (the Michael head)

*the above photos are just the tip of the iceberg... you can order your own @

stay tuned!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That night when Koko loved Nikki...

My master critique was beyond perfection. Mary Ellen Mark (as well as the ten or so other students) absolutely loved my doll work. Mary Ellen had not one negative thing to say to me. Okay- well there was the one thing:

"Don't let people know you actually like the dolls, treat it as though it were a conceptual art project".

The truth is, I always do when pitching my work- but I am sure my eyes light up with a unique twinkle the moment I mention those damn slabs of silicone! My Mary Ellen Mark review was SO good, that she promised me the moon. But I guess she forgot, because I never heard back from her. During the critique with my forty chosen photos lined up on the table- she called all of her assistants in, as well as her business partner (they have a film company named 'Green Films' or something like that). They all gushed over how awesome my lighting is, my use of colors and my general creativity. It was quite an ego boost! They all loved the dolls of course- and really, who wouldn't?

Oh well, So nothing came of it. I will throw her into the same category as Taschen, HBO, Howard Stern and now, Mary Ellen Mark. It's the compartment in my mind entitled, "Disappointed".

Sometimes people feed your head with all this great stuff about your work, and it does serve to empower you as an artist. It helps you to move forward and not give up, especially when you question yourself and your talent. So in a sense, I did get my money worth... But I would have rather she had given me the email to the publisher she knows- like she said she would. She even told me to use her name in the subject line. I think her assistant was the actual roadblock, at least that's what I want to think.

So in honor of art and erotica in art, I have created this shoot aptly titled:

"That night Koko loved Nikki"

*the above photos are of my two 4Woods dolls. They are the AINeo and Evolution bodies with the Mia and Elina heads... But I call them Nikki and Koko. Obviously.

So fucking gorgeous.