Thursday, December 17, 2009

a day, a week, a month, a year...

A Day:

A little over a day ago I watched my all time favorite movie, "Requiem For a Dream" for perhaps my 60th time. I kid you not. This movie was filmed in the neighborhood where my high school friend David lived (he has been discussed in length here on my blog, I hope you remember who I am talking about!). Oddly this movie mirrored his life, and I am not sure we even knew or met the director Darren Aronofsky when we were younger. It's kind of weird how many people in Brooklyn have a simular story about a brother, or friend, or father. The movie's main character, Harry's life happened to be a pretty accurate depiction of David's plight, with a worse outcome for David. The movie brought me to tears... again.

A Week:

The last time I got layed was a little over a week ago. I had to do some doll shoots for Realdolls Christmas promo as well as for some new wigs they sent me- and that damn doll is starting to look pretty good to me!!!! My husband needs to stop stressing about the stock market so much so that he isn't even horned up!!!!! What the fuck. Isn't sex a stress reliever anyway? I'll tell him it is, regardless of whether it is or not!. I plan on attacking him on Friday- there will be NO EXCUSES!

A Month:

A little over a month ago (about a week after I made my last blog entry) I found out my Dad has read my blog. Hearing those words utter from his mouth was like my worst nightmare ever. Time literally came to a halt and the whole thing seemed to be happening in slow motion. I didn't even hear a word my father said- only that he has seen my blog. I do recall seeing his head shake in dismay. It was AWFUL! To make matters worse, my husband jumped on the bandwagon!!! He prefaced his lecture with, "I told you so"! The whole thing was funny... well it was funny because I started laughing. I mean come on! I am 38 friggin years old, get over it. I laughed because the first thing that came to my mind, was the blog entry: "Olives in Your Anus". I envisioned my father reading it and I literally became sick to my stomach over the thought of it. I swear to you all, the blog almost died right then and there. But today I decided, fuck it. I am an adult, and if my Dad doesn't like my blog, he does not have to read it (sorry dad, if your reading this!).

A Year:

One year and fifteen days ago, I had my life changing experience. So much has changed from the day I had my stroke, and not all of it was for the better. I have become more of a recluse than ever before. But I still go out with the hubby. We have been seeing Broadway shows, going to out to dinner, movies and taking road trips! But as for my friends, I miss them. I sometimes wish someone would come here and pull me out of the house by my hair. I swear I will change this anti social bullshit any day now, as my husband is off from work for almost two weeks starting Friday... and he will help me to feel normal and relatively sociable again. He is perfect like that and I love him for it.

*the above photo is Tripp in his new wig. The lack of sex with my husband is making Tripp an appealing alternative... I better get some booty this Friday or Tripp is gonna' work.


Cristi said...

Damn you Stacy... I better see you soon!

Mihailo said...

Yaay, Stacy is back!!!
You have to promise never to leave us again. We were like little orphans, left all alone. :)
And, I am putting Tripp on my envy list right under your husband.

Davecat said...

Tripp's one lucky bastard. ;-)

Yeah; my father doesn't exactly approve of my pro-Synthetik agenda either, but y'know what? Ultimately, you have to do what makes you happy, as you're not living your life for him. You're a creative person and a productive member of society; it's not as if you're out in the streets, knifing people in the face for crack. Unless, of course, you are. :-) So don't sweat your dad's reactions, and just keep doing what makes you happy.

As you were, then! Also, JANUARY WOOO

Anonymous Realdoll Owner said...

Love this blog sound so familiar..*wink*

So did you get any from hubby? hehehe

Anonymous Realdoll Owner said...

oh and hi Dad!! *waving wildly at the computer screen*

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mahtek said...

A year ago, I remember telling you that you'd be fine, and saying more than a few prayers.

I'm glad that you've proved me right, and that He listened.

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