Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sister do you know my name?

I wonder what ever happened to my step sister Ahni. My mother's second husband, Chuck, had a daughter named Andrea.... but she liked to be called Ahni. Her real name was actually Andrea M. Mark. and her family was from Idaho. Boise to be exact.

Anyway, we were a month apart in age. I was older. Turned out before he met my mother- Ahni's father used to physically abuse her. About four years into their marriage, he began to get increasingly hostile towards my Mom. One day he snapped, and turned a gun on himself and then on my mother. He was a bona fide nut. I called the cops on him (I was in 6th grade and we lived on Long Island). This was the last straw. We were free of him, but not before he tried to beat up my mother.

It backfired.

My mother damn near tore Chuck's eye out! My Mom just about beat the shit out of him!!!! HA! She called a "friend" of hers and he picked us up in his nice mob style sedan (turns out this guy had been courting my Mom for awhile). He took us to Brooklyn bought us some clean clothes and toothbrushes and that was that.

So there you have it, I think about Ahni from time to time and wonder if she is still alive. I've tried to google her name, but nothing comes up. History tells me that people who are totally off the grid- are probably dead. I mean, that's what happened with David and Patty so why would the outcome be any different now?

just wondering and maybe just a little rambling too...

*the above pics are of me and a Realdoll. I photoshopped my wrinkles to make me look a bit younger. I mean, fuck I'm almost 40! getting old has it drawbacks, but I'll take it over the other option. Once again the blog title is a White Stripe's song. I don't know if you noticed, but I do that from time to time.