Friday, January 26, 2007

The love affair is OVER!!!!!!

I am not kidding...I am so over Glamour photography. I want to expand my horizons and be more marketable. There is virtually NOTHING available for the glamour photographer. Not to mention the utter lack of respect photographers of other genres show you. I have been trying my hand at fashion photography for the last week.

shooting, uploading, editing.
shooting, uploading. editing.

All I have managed to learn in the past week, is that I suck at fashion photography. I can't WAIT until class starts. I switched from a morning class to an evening gives the hubby some time to enjoy the homestead with out me. I can see it, wine, porn and wet towels everywhere. Did I mention the porn?

I am off to see 'Smoking Aces' starring Jeremy Piven. God Jeremy Piven is DELICIOUS. I really hope the movie isn't a disappointment, so many have been in the past few years. Oh James Graham is due to write his top 10 of 2006 (music), I only have one:

System of a Down

bye for now.....

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rentell said...

Don't get down my girl ...... become a photographer FIRST.

Then choose a genre or better still let it choose you !

You live in one of the most vibrant, violent, amusing and mixed cities in the world with so many things to take pictures of. Carry your camera with you at all times and see what comes up.
You may surprise yourself and me.

So heres a challenge for you , its minus 1 degrees according to the forecast so show me some weather related pics, make me see NY weather as you see it !

Build a portfolio as diverse as you can manage and do not be in such a BLOODY rush to become a "photographer".
After all you are one all ready.

And I will say it again, ignore what others think just enjoy taking what turns you on and set yourself challenges.
I once spent hours doing night shots of London to try and capture the vibrance of a a city at night.

And do not give up on that school either.

Slap on the wrist over.

Enjoy the movie.

All the best Ray. XXXX

And where can I see your photos ?