Monday, January 15, 2007


I need a moment to compartmentalize...

Seriously, so much is running through my head lately. The ideas are flowing like wine at a dinner with my extended family. So many ideas to shoot...I need more models. edgier ones. one's not affraid to show a little nipple.

I don't know who, but somebody is going to sniff an onion, and I'm gonna shoot it.

All of these creative ideas, and not one will be used with Pearl tomorrow. She is a gorgeous girl who had a full page spread in I am excited to say the least. Just glamour shit though, more of the same. I want to add some edge to my glamour. Well she and the make up artist will be here @ 5:30pm (it's 2:21 am)

I wonder if she'll sniff an onion for me?


rentell said...

Hmmmmmm , now I know why youse take so long to answer my PM's , a busy girl.

Whoops ..... not PC ... young woman.

Now I have a chance of keeping track of your photographic adventures .... and why an onion ?

Also being an old geezer I have a great deal of trouble with the idiom's you use but I can just about keep up with you.
American English , especially N/Y speak..... ;-)

Keep your lense clean !

Ray Rentell

James M Graham said...

I'd sniff an onion WITH you...

; )