Thursday, January 18, 2007

Damn it...

This is Pearl Nalani from Mondays shoot...she is beautiful. Did I mention she's gonna' sniff an onion for me? What a sport.

Pearl aside-
The weather has caused my Friday shoot to be postphoned...that sucks. The model is stuck somewhere in middle America, unable to catch a flight to NY.I was looking forward to shooting. Now I'll have to wait until Monday to shoot again, only it won't be the same model who postphoned...

Monday will be Crissy, a.k.a. Crystal Cadence. I adore Crissy- originally from London, she knows how to model. Which is priceless. One evening before New Years Eve. (the one that just passed) I was returning from a shopping trip at B&H. I had a strobe light, an umbrella, a cheap light stand, and a HEAVY DUTY light stand. Needless to say I was trying to hail a cab. One. Two. Three empty cabs later, I realized I was hollering profanities outloud. Fuck, dick, know, all the good ones...When a beautiful girl said to me as she passed by, "I hope you get that cab", and much to my suprise- it was Crissy. I must have seemed IN-FUCKING-SANE. Seriously, think about it. Me- on 8th Ave., cursing at cabs while they pass me up!!! If this is indicative of my senior years- I'm scared.

I would be lying if I didn't give credit to James Graham, who posed me nekkid w/ my camera first...but it got me to thinking- My camera is my phantom cock and I took this shot to prove it...Censored by marriage.


Tanya said...

this is awesome of course!

EleganceAndChaos said...

I like the concept and the composition of this photo a lot.It is fresh take on an age old idea.

Guys look at cars, boats and camera lens as an extension of their ego. Being married you must have gotten that aspects of guy culture. The bigger, the better, so it is a nice role reversal for you to see a inanimate object as an extension of your ego too. A feminine take on a old idea.

Carefully, you don't fall into the trap that male photographer do though. Bigger and more expensive is not better. It is your vision and how you use the tools that create the art.

Congratulations on the strobes. It looks like you have come over to the dark side. Unfortunatley, they is no going back. I have not used my hotlights, since I got my strobes and I don't miss the grainy effect of having to shoot at ISO 800 or 1600.

theFstopshere said...

"censored by marriage" HAHAhahahaha... sadly, i understand that.