Thursday, September 23, 2010

RIP 2006-2010

Today my camera died...

As I began this photo shoot, so began the demise. I will get it fixed, but it's definitely time to upgrade. Now it's imperative! So in honor of the passing, I offer this:

An Ode to my old 5D-
Oh Canon, how I love thee- Every push of the shutter you set me free.
We have shot, many a doll- you even worked after that fall.
I can't express what you mean to me, you've brought out the beauty my eyes doth see!

HA HA! I am officially an asshole.


*the above photos are of my two realdoll 2 body b's. these pictures are just a few frames out of many. when I don't get sex, this is the result. blame or thank the husband, it's all how you view smut I suppose...


darev2005 said...

Ooooo... the temptation to thank him is almost overwhelming.

darev2005 said...

Woof! With so many sexy room mates, how do you ever get any work done or find time to sleep? If I lived in your house I would die early. Happy, but early.