Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am ridiculous

This photo was a request from a writer (for a UK tabloid, I believe). I find it more disturbing than any photo I have ever taken. I don't know why yet... I just do. Anyway, I had to crouch or I would have towered over the surrounding dolls. I haven't exactly said "yes" to this article, I need to read it first. It will probably be degrading, it almost always is. When I do have the chance to read the finished article, if I feel an inkling of remorse or a parallel to insanity- I will nix the whole damn thing.

That's the problem with a lot of magazines/writers/tv producers, most of them want sensationalism. I am so on the fence about this article, that I may never let it come to fruition.

Park magazine (France) and Fantom magazine (Italy) are still the only magazines to feature my photos for the sake of art. I have never consented to any other article on me, and I am seriously doubting this one will get the green light either.

fuck, the more I type the more I am talking myself out of this whole idea! Typical Stacy Leigh. I don't care for sensationalism dammit.

I'll know for sure after I read it.

*the above pic is me with my group of hussies... had the writer waited another week or so, I would have had a tenth doll to add to the lot. Crap, I really do look like a fucking psycho.


Mrs. ARDO said...

WOW! Those are all yours! I love the shot! Perfect!

Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

Psycho? afraid not but u r Cray Hot. Please get a look at the artical before you agree to it. Trust but Verify! Keep doing what you love. For when we stop. We start to die.

Davecat said...

It's a good photograph! And if you're having problems with the media, I'll sort them out. *cracks knuckles*

darev2005 said...

It's not hard to tell who is the hottest doll in that pic! Make them play nice. Be true to yourself.

jm said...

Hi Stacy.

Firstly, you (and we, as well) are not psychos for liking and having a fascination with and finding RealDolls downright sexy.

Secondly, I think you should do the article. It would bring to light and "out of the closet" so to speak, something that many find strange and taboo and weird. If more people were exposed to our fetish, it eventually would be more accepted.

Look how as homosexuality was brought out of the closet and into the mainstream with shows like "Ru Paul's Drag Race", being gay is a lot less vilified today as it used to be in the bad old days when they would actually round up gay men at gay bars and literally arrest them for no other crime other than being gay. Today, gays are everywhere in regular society and even have an entire cable channel just about gays (LOGO).

So, I think you shouldn't feel so self-conscious about our little fetish. You're a pioneer and one that can really make a difference in making the RealDoll fetish more mainstream.

Take care and keep up the good work! I love your pics and wish you would post more sexy female nudes and also in lingerie (love them in sexy lingerie) and that you post them more often on your blog.

Woody said...

"I find it more disturbing than any photo I have ever taken. I don't know why yet... "

I think it's like computer animation: It can be made to look very very real, but if the slightest nuance is off, or out of place, or too perfect we recognize it as not real. It's the same with the dolls. Or maybe it's just because no matter how real they look (and your photos make them look amazingly real) we know they're not.

Woody said...

Having looked at this shoyt again, know what I think you should have done? Position yourself more in the grouping: not in the rear, but not so central either. Tilt and turn your head slightly, and assume that vapid gaze the dolls have. Then see if the writter could detect which was really you.