Thursday, April 15, 2010

The non-negotiator...

Please tell me, did you ever fuck up the chance to get payed the maximum amount of money for a job well done? Somehow, I managed to non-negotiate my way to low pay for a LOT of work! I did a freelance campaign for a very large company, and didn't know how to get myself payed the maximum. That my friends is a lesson learned! Next time, I will make my husband do the contract for me. I won't tell you how many days I worked on this campaign, but I I gave up a LOT of my time. The ads are a HUGE hit, they've told me via email several times now.

So, I have my passive aggressive way of doing things (usually I am PAINFULLY direct, but when dealing with clients I tend to play softball) and after submitting my work to said company. I sent an invoice, that read:

studio rental....................$1000. per day

This way, the company was aware that I severely undercharged them. I never charged them for my photographers fee or the retouching fee... My guess is they will never hire me again! That's okay, because the truth is....

they can't afford me!

Really they can't, because the work was so tedious and annoying that I will charge a phenomenal amount should they contact me again.

*the above photo is a Realdoll2 ass, go kiss it!


MichaelV. said...

It's a lesson we all have learned the hard way so don't feel bad. So many people don't even think of the money they have left on the table. That's what learning is all about, so count you're blessings. In the end you'll be a better business photographer, trust me.

Stacy Leigh said...

Thanks Michael! It's good to know I'm not the only one who has to learn things the hard way...xo

JM said...

Yes, I've fucked up the chance to be properly compensated for my services. Theoretically, I should know better.

Always make sure you have a favorable contract and keep compensation in mind.

It's as true for IT consulting as it is for photography, I gather.