Friday, April 25, 2008

I've got nothin'...

-I found Bob Jamiesons email address, and wrote him, now we'll find out if he's full of shit.

-I emailed about my doll photography, I am positive but guarded.

-I am in the process of moving, which everybody knows sucks ass! The move day is May 9th...

-My good friend Daniela V. has made her debut in Playboy's Special Editions! Congratulations Honey!!

-I am under a tremendous amount of stress. ugh, stress.

*the above photo is my newest doll face, named Hana Samoza (she is the "Nika" face at

1 comment:

Mihailo said...

Great effect with the throwing!
This really gave additional life to the doll - not that it needed it more.

You are the best.