Saturday, October 27, 2007

? and !

Well, I am not suprised. Geraldo cancelled. Supposedly it was in favour of the California wildfires. I can't say I blame him.....although the cynic in me believes it's because they couldn't get an owner who has a relationship with their doll.

I really wonder?

Let me take a poll.....

Do you think it was the former or latter of the two reasons?

I vote the latter- but we've established that I am a cynical cunt.



bt said...

Cynic cunt here as well and I cast a vote for the later (Ive been called worse).

By the way, my mannequins are getting jealous of all of the press and attention that the Real Dolls are getting.

I tell them..."HEY!!...your a cheep $180.00 version of the real with it you wanna-be's...!!". But they throw back in my face the movie "Mannequin". They constantly remind me that Andrew McCarthy is much better looking than I am. That hurts... then I cry...I'm sensitive you know....I have feelings.

Damn..I'm too cheep to go with the real I guess I deserve what I get.

my best

Davecat said...

Hey Stacy -
*cough cough*

I'm one of the most cynical cunts you'll encounter. Which is why I chose not to be part of Heraldo's Travelling Freak Show. I'm sure you'll agree that there are much, much better venues out there for us to speak about our Dolls, and not catch shit because of it...

Chip Willis said...

I don't believe in the word "cunt".

Call me old fashioned.

I think in time your place will be set, so don't sweat it.

One day you will move past the Dolls.....
Don't get me wrong, what you have done with them is marvelous, but personally, I can't wait to see your evolution- looking at people how you look at the dolls. You can see whispers of it here and there... but in time you will recognize and take charge of your style.

Hope this makes some sort of sense. You are beyond people who have been shooting for a while already in making images that are memorable.

I ain't saying this cus I saw your "cooter" either.

Kurt Hernon said...

Wow and yipes and cunts and such..

Sounds like a great album title by a great band The Cynical Cunts (sure, I am certain its been used before, but who cares!)

Love it all Stacy!

(and am sick/lost/jealous when I read your references to "walking through SoHo...uugh, want to be there again soon!)


Meagan Sample said...

Stacyyyyyyy :)