Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back in the day........

I used to be a club kid....not the baggy jean, whistle blowing annoyances that you're thinking of. My generation of club goers' were employed by Micheal Alig. Micheal was a purveyor of good times. The man threw THE most amazing parties EVER!!!! Disco 2000 was on Wednesday nights and anybody who mattered was there. Hell, I even danced in a cage with Amanda Lapore (who was nice to me, until a guy she liked was more interested in me then her). I remember the drugs the dancing and the good times...eventually the good times would come to a screetching halt.

We all knew that Micheal Alig murdered Angel. Every Disco 2000 regular was fully aware of the altercation that led to the demise, of a dirty wing wearing club kid. Micheal went from decorating the club with feathers and glitter to using cow parts purchased from a local butcher and dumping tons of ketchup on them, reminicant of a disco house of horrors. I remember one time I was tripping on E and the smell of ketchup mixing with rotting meat was making me want to vomit, so I went to the VIP called "Shampoo".

Once past the velvet rope being manned by Aphrodita ( A hot European chick, who mouth raped me once!) I noticed a group of my friends dancing to the groovy 80's tunes. I went over and together we formed a happy drugged circle of freaks. We danced and laughed and danced some more. Another friend came over with a joint laced with PCP, that my friend Ray had taken a HUGE drag of. Two songs later Ray went wild in the eyes- and I saw it. I was scared, so I grabbed my best friend David and began to leave. No sooner then we start backing away, Ray grabbed each girl on either side of him by the hair and yanked them straight down with every ounce of strength he had. they screamed like I never heard a human scream before. And there was Ray standing there still dancing with his legs but wild eyed, white knuckling the girls hair with clumps of bloody flesh at the ends. Before we could grab the girls- security encircled Ray and beat him up all the way outside, where they left him battered, bloody and high.

It was a bad night.

A few years later Ray would knowingly fuck a gangsters wife. They would have the wife call Ray, to meet her at Marine Park in Brooklyn in the parking lot. The passenger jumped out of the van and sliced Rays throat nearly decapitating him, then they ran him over once in drive and once in reverse. I felt very badly for the son he left behind, and I cried because Ray never did anything wrong to me...but I knew the world was a safer place without him.

The above photo is me on my second birthday September 10, 1973.....back in the day.


Chip Willis said...

Two seperate things here.

First the story. You told that to me before and it was as chilling then as it is now.

But the good thing is you are You now.

The second thing is the photo of the two year old SL.

You were so, well, YOU.
That photo is priceless darling :)

I was telling Sarah about you earlier. I fully expect you to have your own TV show or something one day.

Id watch it!

James M Graham said...

What Chip said...

; )

John said...

Hey Stacy, you were right about the dolls.

Anonymous said...

Well, fancy meeting you again! Just followed the link from the Doll Forum. You know me, of course, as Dr. Goldfoot, hehehe!

BTW, if your joints are starting to bug you, supplements can help. I take a combo of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM -- as well as other nutrients to keep my girlfriend satisfied. :)

Stacy, you're sooo hot. God Almighty... as far as I'm concerned, you're just getting started!

Mucho Blessings!