Saturday, October 27, 2007

Freak on a Leash....


I have been retreating into myself lately, shooting my two newest Realdoll faces. There's face 15, which I have named Jaime and face 16, I now call Ashley. I hate when I get stuck in a 'bout with depression....but those new doll faces sure did make it pass quickly!

So tomorrow at the crack of dawn i am to be photographed by the uber talented artist Gary Breckheimer. If you aren't familiar with his art- he photographs nudes in public. Generally wacky and always brilliant...I was FIENDING to be a subject for him! Well tomorrow is my opportunity to stand naked, in public, in New York City!!! WOOO fuckin' HOOO!!!!!!! Scary and exciting all at once.

While I was walking back from Soho last night, I got a call from Abyss (in case you have a shit memory: Abyss makes the Realdoll...duh) about the Geraldo Rivera Show on Fox News. It seems that because of the movie, 'Lars and the Real Girl' Geraldo feels the need to investigate the relationship between dolls and their owners. I am almost certain he will try to put a sensational spin on the discussion, but I am nothing like Lars. In fact- not one doll owner that I know of, actually believes their doll to be real- the men who do have relationships with their dolls would NEVER go on the Geraldo show. I don't blame them- they are constantly ridiculed. It's live, I'm a little worried about the outcome- but....


I'm doing it. Not for self promotion, but because I genuinely adore dolls!

Always have, always will.

The above photo is the stunning Nerlande and her fabulous nipple, check out her blog- the link is to the right. The title is a song from Korn.

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