Saturday, July 18, 2009

Butter Crunch Cookies....

...on a caviar budget.

Four days in London. Tokyo in August. Male doll soon. Old friends. Energy drinks.

Life is fucking sweet sometimes.

*the above photo is Kess.

*the below photo is butter crunch cookies that were sold for less than a $1 when I was in high school. If you grew up in the city, you know all about these little three packs of happyness! (the cookie photo was NOT shot by me, I lifted it off of the web... sorry!)


katelin said...

Great blog! :)

Wolf189 Photography said...

Hope you'll have so much fun!

Mahtek said...

Bring me a pack of those cookies when you come to the AVN next year!

Stacy Leigh said...

HA! I just ordered that exact box!!!! I will get a box for you and we can have a picnic in the hotel... we'll eat cookies and milk and talk about silicone hussies!


Wolf, thank you my dear. When I am in Vegas for the AVN, I'll let you shoot me!

(and so as not to slight Katelin... thank you!)

iamwhatieat said...

Loved those cookies. Much better than the chocolate chip (which were amazing as well).