Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Tingly Dicks" and other phenomenons found in nature...

Trust me, you either know a tingly dick or you are one.

My husband has a friend that is over 30 and a single guy. He is the type of single guy that you would prefer your husband NOT spend any time with. But it is what it is, and I won't fight it. My husband likes this guy and has played golf with him a lot lately. I will have to be a nice wifey and let it be. You see my husband is a somewhat reformed tingly dick himself.

Still confuzzeled? Let me explain...

A tingly dick is a guy (or a girl for that matter) who sees an attractive person, and gets a sudden and often overwhelming "tingle" in the tip of their dick causing immediate brain damage from loss of blood to the head. For example: My husband and I were walking in the meat packing district and saw a girl wearing what would be considered a belt in most countries- as a dress. My husband, took one look at this hottie and walked into a 10 foot high pile of garbage. He LITERALLY fell into the trash! This, my friends- is the action of a bona fide tingly dick.

So his new friend happens to be a bachelor, and happens to also be a tingly dick. Needless to say I am less than thrilled about it. So what's my response to this problem...

Set him up with a friend.

Chances are nothing will come of it, but she is a fellow female tingly dick! And two tingly dicks together equal a positive... or something like that. Just look at my husband and me- it works for us!!

*the above photo is a snapshot of one of my 12" anatomically correct dolls, he is unnamed and judging from his wicked smile- he too is clearly a tingly dick...

P.S. Mihailo, Thank you for asking about my health! My heart health is now excellent! I officially had what is known as a PFO- it was medium sized, and it is now filled with a device to prevent any future strokes or heart attacks...xo


shutterbug said...

Hey im knew to this just starting my Blog
ive been watching your work
your absolutely amazing!
hope your <♥> is doing ok

Mihailo said...

Stacy, what a great news regarding your health!*sigh of relief*

After a month without updates I was getting worried.
At one point I was sure you have banned me for asking too much. :))
You don't wish to know what other things came to my mind.

Regarding a torpedo-boy photo, I think Mitch Haase is going to steal it for his next post. :)))

bt said...

Glad to hear the old ticker is doing well.

Tingly Dick..hmm..love the name. I would qualify most absolutely; however,I lack the sufficient brain matter needed to complete the full cycle of having Tingly Dick, I simply drool..most often ruining a very nice shirt..and looking stupid in the process.

bt charles

ps...I am very pissed that after exhaustive measuring, countless photos and the guarantee from the Doll Maker that when in fact that they do produce the BT Charles 12" anatomically correct doll, that they would in fact give it MY NAME!!! DAMN!! I feel so cheep now in letting them use me this way. To all..it is obvious that the doll in your post is a 100% anatomically correct version of me. The only thing that I can see that they did different was to make my dick a bit smaller on the doll version.

James M Graham said...

This shit just made me laugh...


Perry said...

*raises hand*

"guilty as charged, Your Honor...."

Chip Willis said...

haha, this made me laugh so much. this is so much of your personality its nuts and very very good!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!