Friday, July 24, 2009

Master Critique...

...with Mary Ellen Mark.

Two days at her studio in SoHo, an 8 minute walk from my house that will be spent building up my nerves. It's tomorrow, and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. I'm seriously shitting pills. I wonder how she'll react to my work. I wonder how many other people are attending. I wonder if I'll leave disenfranchised or empowered.

Whatever the outcome, I'm sure I will get my money's worth.

*the above photos were taken on my puny 4 day trip to London. The cool effect in the first photo is NOT photoshop, it is the sun breaking through the clouds. It was a beautiful act of nature... I was just lucky enough to be there and photograph it. Anyway, I can assure you that 4 days in England is not NEARLY enough time. I owe my friend Everhard a lunch, a hug, and deep apologies. I am looking forward to a longer visit where I can see the countryside... I loved London.

I mean I REALLY loved London.

: )


Wolf189 Photography said...

looking forward to hear about your experience and those are lovely shots.

Irenka said...

This is - fine photos which please a kind!!!
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Elisheba said...

Wow, amazing photos!