Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The first Indian/Bollywood lovedoll...

...and she is all mine!!!!!

Seriously though, she is the first intentionally created Indian/Bollywood doll. Many moons ago, I saw a movie called Kama Sutra. It was a film directed by an Indian woman, which at the time was rare. The story was full bodied, and had all the elements to hold ones interest. I really enjoyed every moment of the film and would watch it again if I still had the disc. Anyway, the story had two lead female rolls- one was named Maya and the other was named Tara. The women were gorgeous and the characters stuck in my mind more than a decade later. That would explain why I have now officially used both of these names for two of my dolls.

So here is more of the uber sexy, Tara:

*yep- the above photo is my new LovableDoll, Tara... showing her little pink hole!!!!! what a slut!

anyway, you can buy her at www.LovableDolls.com


Anonymous Realdoll Owner said...

Beautiful!! Very nice!

Mihailo said...


did I miss something?
What happened in the hospital?
Are you OK now?

From the last couple of posts it seems so, but I guess everybody here would like it confirmed.

Love and respect,

MDiva said...

I love her!

Dave Rudin said...

Is this type of photo covered by the government's new 2257 regulations???

jsan said...

i fell in love with her when i saw her posted on the doll forum! i love your photos ms stacy and i love your dolls!! please don't ever stop photographing them!!