Tuesday, June 3, 2008


...can suck my proverbial dick.

*the above photos are not of Amy, they are of Daniela Victoria.


Daniela Victoria said...


Stacy Leigh said...

huh? It's say's 'what' right there in plain english!

But I'll repeat it in futher detail for those who need explanation...

I want a chick named Amy, to suck my proverbial dick. And to further drive the point home (seeing as she hated those two photos I shot of you) I posted them. And so idiots don't mistake you as the Amy woman- I clarified that.

Get it?

:rolls eyes:

Stacy Leigh said...

I am in a bad mood.

Mihailo said...

She hated those two photos!
She is stupid, as hell.

Those are two great shots, of a beautiful woman by a great photographer.

-End of Transmission-


Daniela Victoria said...

i love you stacy.

you have no idea how much.

BodyRockinModelsV3 said...

Stacy how do I contact you about a featuring you on my site as one of our select photographers I accept to list?


James M Graham said...

Fuck Amy. Post more.

I love readin' your writin'