Saturday, May 31, 2008

Open Book

By Gnarls Barkley.

The song is off the fact the whole album 'The Odd Couple', rocks my socks. Toss the Raconteurs into the mix, and I am on the brink of musical orgasm.

I have a lot of retouching to catch up on...I recently did a shoot with a Realdoll and a Realgirl. The model was awesome, seeing as she gave me 110% to make the photos work- and they look amazing!!! I'll post them soon.... On the photographic tip I have so much stuff to tell you- that it's too late to start that dialogue tonight. My next blog entry will have so much to say about where I am with my 'career', because an update is long over due.

sweet dreams...

*the above photo is my Realdoll face Jamie Anderson- shot in the new crib, with copious amounts of natural light.

have a good weekend... I know I plan on having one.


Davecat said...

The moving's done! There is Joy in the Kingdom!
But you're probably still unpacking! Get used to that. :-)

Can't wait to hear the update! Did you catch that Lynn Hershmann bitforms gallery show? And what of your book??

Jamie looks delicious as usual, it should go without saying. :-) Looks like you've got a lot of light to work with, going by that pic...

bt said...

Copious is such a sexy word. Great photo as well (stating the obvious). Mrs BT and I may see you soon perhaps?

Lets touch base.


Gina said...

What a beautiful doll.