Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moving SUCKS!!!

Friday is the official day, and because of Julianas passing I am a little under pressure. When I am settled- I will go see an exibit at a gallery in Soho where a Realdoll is on display. Visit the gallery website @ and read about it- any doll related news is exciting to me!!!!

I am busy I've gotta run!

*the above photo is of Daniela V. spanking one of my dolls...nice boobs, huh?


James M Graham said...

Good luck, doll!


Fargo said...

I know I'm a bit late to say this, but... good luck with everything, Stacy! :-)

El DeaƱo said...

GREAT boobies in fact.

Davecat said...

Lovely pic, as is your standard. :-)

Let us know how the gallery showing went! We expect a full write-up. :-)

And have fun moving! Yes, I know that statement's a contradiction in terms.

Tanya said...

Eww I hate moving as much as i hate unpacking, must be my past working in retail.
this series is awesome, her boobs are as perfect as the dolls, i had to do a double take to figure who was real and who was almost real.

Good luck, I'm sure you got a lot of packing.