Thursday, July 22, 2010

the proverbial balls are on on the line...

Yeah, I know it's not a new nakey pic of me... so sue me. I am working on it! I have indeed been exercising on a daily basis (okay, so I skipped a few days. Fine, five days to be exact) but in my defense, I couldn't exercise those days- I had no desire! So I have been working out, but NOT dieting. Needless to say, little has changed since the last blog entry. But yesterday, I began to diet in addition to the exercise. I am sure my body will go through a change over the next week, as my daily caloric intake will be halved! So I'll do some self portraits in a week and post them. I promise.

Now, on to my fantom nut sac, which lays delightfully on the line...

I have had it.

As an artist, I am drawn to galleries. Today after a great lunch with my Mom, I decided to swing by the West Side and do a "gallery day" by myself. I generally find great inspiration from other artists' work. But today, I was inspired beyond my wildest dreams.

Lemmie' explain... After the dullest gallery visit EVER with the most banal photos I have seen in a gallery (the series was called "the edge of somewhere", I just call them "boring shit"). I saw a Gallery and in it's window was a photo of several nude women intertwined into a mess of boobies and limbs. Needless to say, I went in. The first photo I notice inside is a 4'x5' black and white photograph, of a semi deflated blow up doll cascading down a staircase... and there it is. This picture just makes me snap.

in a bad way.

I wanted to cry.

WARNING: the following is a full on bitch rant!!!
I thought the picture was marginal at best, but some would absolutely feel the same way about my work. In fact, people I consider friends find my work BELOW average. I certainly don't consider them "good" friends because of it! So yeah, there it is. This big ass picture of a blow up doll hanging in a posh NYC gallery. Really? And the artist did the series this year? How fucking LAME is that. Blow up dolls have been done to death. All who have shot love dolls in the same manner as me, since my inception as a doll photographer have done just that. They followed... This may all have come off as bitchy, but I believe in my work. Because If not me, than who?

And that's inspiration for ya'... That one photo caused me to go into several galleries and talk to a lot of curators. And happily, I have an appointment with one of them tomorrow to show my work and discuss it with them. I am a bit nervous, but I am prepared for what ever fate my fantom coin purse may suffer! Bring on the pain!!!!

So there you have it, inspiration from a single photo, hung in the right place at the right time. Sometimes all you need is a push... even if that push comes from a half filled blow up doll.

*The above photos are of my man meat, Devon. He has a big beautiful penis, doesn't he? Notice his balls aren't on the line!


Mihailo said...


I am not sure about halving your calorie intake, just like that.
Perhaps you should speak with a professional nutritionist, or fitness instructor, at least.
Don't forget that there isn't even a full year since your last medical problem.
Those stress diets can really mess your system. Take care. Mihailo

semi234 said...

Gotta admit, I'm always entertained by your doll picture creations. Especially that last picture. LOL

RedheadLolita said...

I saw him and I thought Adam Lambert. But with his posing and gaze, you captured some masculinity in those tight leather pants.