Thursday, October 23, 2008

Word up!

...saw this headlining on AOL today and I couldn't agree more. They can start by finally publishing my Employee of the Month feature, as a doll photographer. Or they can publish a doll pictorial shot by me (they have a mock up of my book and Hef is scared of the dolls!). Anyway, here is the article (click the pic for full size):


Davecat said...

Hef is scared of the Dolls? Then what the hell does the average Playboy Playmate look like, then?? And if I recall correctly, didn't they reject the Doll shoot that Helmut Newton did? Helmut Newton??

Playboy is good as porn training wheels, but apart from that, it's hurtling quickly towards obsolence. Apart from the interviews, of course. You know I only read it for the interviews. ;-)

Daniela Victoria said...

That's exactly what they need.

...more edge...

You provide that.