Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sexual dirt...

...this series is as raunchy as it gets. But you won't see it here. I shot this series of a RealDoll ™ with a realgirl a few months ago, and only recently got around to retouching the final edits. I still have seven more to go before I am done!! These are by far the naughtiest photos I have EVER taken, and the model is STELLAR for having the guts to do things like this. Her name is Isobel Wren, and she has a pay site bearing the same name. I assume that these photos will be available to view for a membership fee, and deservedly so!!!

I have to take a breather between retouching the photos...hell, I have to take a cold shower!!!!!

is it hot in here?

*the above photo is Isobel Wren , and the series is actually in color. You can see LOTS more of Isobel @


Mihailo said...


I have seen all the photos in your blog, and this one ranks among the best.

You have mastered shadows and lights, and you have made Isobel 100% more beautiful.

Tanya said...

Hot and Safe!

Orixx said...

Fuckin' hot.. was this shot in a hotel? It looks like it.. and that's a good thing ;).