Thursday, November 20, 2008

Switchin' it up, huzza...

I was in the mood to shoot as if I were doing a celebrity portrait, maybe a pretend Blender magazine cover, or Giant magazine. Hey! Don't laugh, I can dream can't I??? One thing that is a constant in my mind, is my desire to do highly stylized (i.e.jacked up) celebrity portraiture.

I would LOVE to shoot Lil' Wayne, or Jessica Simpson (yes, I said Jessica Simpson...she's hot- so fuck off!!!!) even a lesser known Cassie is on my "shoot wish list". Shooting celebrities will likely never happen for me, despite the fact that two celebrities live right in the apartment upstairs....why would they shoot with me? I have zero references from anybody who might be considered a celeb. So what's a girl to do?

Not much.

I can start to shoot some commercial shit. Say it with me folks, "Commercial Shit". Because that is precisely what commercial photography is to an artist. At least it's shit compared to...let's say fashion photography for instance- which tends to be highly artistic. I can safely assume a lot of my work is too edgy for most celebrities, though I do feel like musicians are a bit more open minded when it comes to PR shots. Hence the desire to shoot for magazines like Giant or Blackbook. the never ending quest to become a well known and desired photographer, I must shoot for the masses. I used a model I have shot with before and I totally made her look like a quasi pop star. Since these days almost every magazine is using white seamless, I whipped out my paper and went to town.

This is the result:

I am sure there are ten thousand things wrong with it...but I love these photos none the less.

*the above photo is Tia, and in case you're too old to know what's on her's called a grill, or GRILLZ! And they have been around for a very, very long time. I love grillz. Hell, I liked em' back when they were called "fronts".

AND...............just so your head doesn't hurt from the commercial stuff, here is Tia in an artsy photograph:

*the above photo is Tia with my doll Suki. Suki is available @


Tanya said...

the artsy one moves me.

James M Graham said...

So what's a girl to do?

Get THAT book out there...and kick my ass to do the same...


Daniela Victoria said...

.....i hear you.