Thursday, November 20, 2008

Haute Couture...

...okay, not really. But it does remind me of something you might see in a French Fashion magazine. Nipples and all...

Vive La France!!!!

*once again, the beautiful Suki doll


MDiva said...

That shot is fantastic!

Paul said...

It's "Vive" la France, "Viva" is Spanish.
It's not to be picky, just that it's not the first time I see English speakers make that mistake.
Thanks for all the pictures, they're beautiful and might help me, and thanks for (most of the time) mentioning what manufacturer/body/head they are!
And kudos for everything I've read so far.

Stacy Leigh said...

I fixed the grammar error just for you, Paul.

Paul said...

Thank you :)

It's funny how I accidentally noticed that post again and was thinking "hmm wasn't there a problem with the French here?"

Can I ask what bodies your 4Woods dolls are made of? They look so good in your pictures.