Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'll miss them.

It seems as though the technology has yet to be licensed to another company. This kind of worries me a little bit. Polaroids remind me so much of the 70's, it would be tragic to see the demise of them. Remember "Body on Tap" shampoo and "The Weeble Wobble Treehouse"?

Well I do- and I would hate to see the beloved Polariod go the way of the Dodo bird.

*the above composite is some of my doll polaroids, sorry for the shit quality but I don't have a scanner- so that is literally a photograph of them.


Tanya said...

i owned that tree house, you had to push down the square on top to spring it open. funny we use to climb a tree that was right outside of a Polaroid company on Memorial drive in Cambridge Ma, when i was little, ironic how the two are mentioned in this post. thx for the memories.

Knightshot said...

You do have a way with putting life into lifeless objects. The Poloroid shots are superb. The near B/W quality and the higher contrast tend to give it an ambiance of the old sepia photos, adding a little mystique.

Daniela Victoria said...

I love that.

It's like a doll agency.

Mitch Haase said...

You can link to my site all day long!

Davecat said...

'Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down'. I had the submarine. It was very... yellow.

What I kinda wished Polaroid ha'd developed further was their i-zone camera. It spit out pics about two inches long, but they had sticky backing, so you could stick them on to whatever. They should've done that with regular sized Polaroids...

Lovely photos of Ms Anderson, as per usual. :-)

Timothy Dolph said...
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Timothy Dolph said...

Yes Polaroids... good stuff.
Didn't have to take them in to get developed.
I would take dirty photos of Dana Galloway behind the Fontenot's garage with my dad's SX-70. Then we shared a Benson and Hedges Menthol and coughed our heads off.

I'm guessin' we were in 5th grade. See it's been part of my master plan all along to grow up doing what I am doing.

How you been sweety?

i started a blog here... add me or join me or whatever happens here.


Fargo said...

Hi Stacy.

Technology advances just like anything else in this world. I'm a child of the 80's, and sometimes I wish that I could go back into that time since a lot of things seemed so cool to me back then, though the present still amuses me, lol.

Things like betamax and VHS tapes, as well as old vynil records and music tapes are pretty much a thing of the past now, laser discs and memory cards are the things to use nowadays, just like more and more people prefer to use digital cameras than instant Polaroid ones, I know it can be sad to move on from something that you were very fond of, but it's just the way it is.

By the way, I suggest you to supervise the comments that you get for your blog before they make their way in, that will keep people like mitch haase out... don't even bother visiting his blog, it's so damn disgusting that it actually made me feel sick.

Stacy Leigh said...

To Fargo-

I can't expect you to understand the love people have for polaroids, a photographer knows these feelings well....

And I like Mitch Haases' blog, I think it's the funniest thing I have ever read. In fact I wrote him and asked him if I can add his link to my blog.

I am sorry you are so easily offended- doll owners shouldn't be so judgemental.

: (

Knightshot said...


I live for technology. However, when technology becomes art, it is never outdated. The same would go for music. I have all the latest synths and computer programs for scoring and writing music, yet I find myself gravitating back to my acoustic piano. The tone, the simplicity ...the link to the past all provide a journey for the mind. Stacy, although I am not an avid photographer, I do understand the love you have for Polaroids.

You are a true artist, not just a photographer.

Fargo said...

Stacy, my apologies, I didn't mean to be judgemental, and I didn't know that you actually wanted to link your blog to Mitch Hasses's, I shouldn't haven run my mouth off the way I did... one thing is that he has an old post in his blog that really rubbed me the wrong way in which he encourages Americans to burn Mexican flags, and I'm a born and raised Mexican, I still live in my country actually, so...

Anyways, granted, I'm not a photographer, so perhaps I don't see Polaroid pictures under the same light as you do, but I can understand how it can feel when something that you're so fond of can be considered as outdated by most people and it slowly becomes a thing of the past, that's the same way I feel about the things that I still like to this day ever since I was a kid.

Oh and umm... I'm not a doll enthusiast anymore although I still keep my doll Reika, but it's not the same for me as it was 2 years ago, although I still enjoy greatly your photographs, your devotion and passion for them is truly admirable :)

Knightshot, I understand the link to the past that you mention, one of my hobbies is, as childish as it may sound, videogames, although I keep up to date with the latest and most advanced games from today, I still like to play the old classics from the 80's and 90's, some of them are true technology gems that will always forever be remembered by those who had the chance to experience them when they were something fairly new and innovative.

James M Graham said...

Post more, bitch!